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Dolphin Assisted
Tantric Embrace Retreat
When Sex & Spirit Dance as One
November 4-12
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An epic journey for conscious couples who wish to elevate their relationship as the highest spiritual path of illumination

 God is one but lives in two bodies: God & Goddess.

In its desire to know itself is has created apparent duality,

embodied itself in seemingly two different genders,

magnetized towards each other by the power of sexual energy. 

When we truly merge with another we merge with all.  The purpose of our embodiment

merge with one another and to realize we have never been separate.



Escape to a lush paradise, take some special time away from your busy life, where old patterns may be played out unconsciously,

where you may have forgotten to see the divine magnificence of one another, when your raw passion for each other

may have been dampened by losing original polarity under the pressures of making living or/and rising a family...

It does not have to be that way! This is a journey to transform your relationship and to live an exalted, passionate life

where each moment is beautiful & sacred, illuminated by the light of love.

Swimming embraced by love and bliss with wild dolphins - the 'Tantrik Masters' of the sea -

- will greatly encourage your unfolding process and quicken your transformation

to becoming who you have come to be!

​  *you are always at a choice





Let's begin the journey of awakening, healing, transformation and illumination, moving from duality to unity,

two moving as one, yet two contained within one...  



                                                                                                                            ....expect the unexpected!








*(Re)ignite and magnify the current of your creative force for self-expression, healing, rejuvenation and illumination

  (Re)awaken your body to aliveness & vitality


​​​*Activate innate feminine/masculine power centers -womb/hara - to empower your true essence,


the wellsprings for your authentic expression in the world

*Explore the mystical dance of Shiva & Shakti, the interplay of masculine & feminine principles within you and in a relationship

*From codependency independently to interdependence, stoking each other's brightest light

*Doorway to union: Harnessing external polarity to short-circuit internal energetics  & awakening kundalini

​*Intimacy as a way of releasing deep seated patterning, the root of true healing

*The gift of emotions: conflicts as allies in deepening sexual magnetism & soul intimacy

*Cultivating authentic passion and desire

*Living in sexual magic: creating an ongoing state of dynamic bliss

Tantric lovemaking: portal to unbound love, cosmic bliss, divine ecstasy & ultimately self-realization

*Birth into being what you've always meant to be: the supreme Shiva-man, the Shakti-goddess,   the illuminated partnership

*Living in the flow, healing the planet through your love

* Swim in high frequency field with wild dolphins,

 love filled portal to other dimensions



And, of course: Relax-rejoice-renew-rejuvenate in a beautiful tropical, oceanic setting,

snorkel or kayak over stunning coral reefs, loose yourself places of natural beauty,

have your delicious, healthy meals lovingly made for you





This week long retreat in a paradise setting gives a rare opportunity to  learn higher levels of Sacred Flow practice

and experience profound healing and atunement to high vibrational energies during an ocean encounter* with wild dolphins,

the Tantrik masters of the sea! Their state of consciousness relates to that accessed by Sacred Flow.


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Shakti Padmini brings tantra from her heart, weaves it together with the subtle energies of kundalini and grounds it all skillfully in the body. With playful focus on the divine feminine and masculine, students are invited into their strengths and beauty. She shares her insights and knowledge with rare transparency and thoroughly connected with herself and the group's needs. I highly recommend working with Shakti if you are wanting to use tantra and your relationship to develop  greater intimacy, depth and love in your life. My partner and I always leave her workshops feeling renewed and our love rekindled and expanded.

                                                -Loren Swift, healer, author















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