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Tantric Mini-Retreat

Come to a space in this world but 'out of this world', where time flows differently... Where you immerse yourself in the presence of  powerful energies that you forget anything else existed...Where you emerge from  as a transformed being, seeing the world in a new light and vibrant colors, relaxed yet energized, uplifted and nourished.


In a Tantric mini-retreat you will  have the opportunity to explore  several tantric modalities listed in the offerings above, laced together  for a deeper  experience.  Like the symbols in a mandala co-creating a beautiful image so you will be able to draw a bigger picture of what Tantra is about...


Beginning with a Sacred  Tea  ritual,  you will be initiated into the mystical cosmic wisdom of tantric philosophy.

Moving into Tantric Mentoring you will  discover a lot about yourself; clarify your dreams, desires and soul intentions and ways in which you may be unconsciously blocking them from fully manifesting.  Some of those issues may be more deeply addressed in Transformational Healing and/or Dakini's Guidance, where you learn to expand your sexual energy for healing, experiencing greater levels pleasure, higher awareness and spiritual awakening.


And if you, by now, have not yet surrendered to the magnificence of your shakti energy and her ability to take you into a blissful heaven of unconditional love, you will for sure do so  in Tantric Bliss Massage...


 Most of all, this is your retreat, and it will be co-created in the perfection to your needs, the way you'll most benefit.

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