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Set Her Free: Let Her Precious Waters Flow

                                                                   MAKE A RAIN ALTAR...BRING IN RAIN!


Water is the essence of life, the most precious physical embodiment of the divine feminine without which life on earth would not exist. Geoengineering (weather manipulation for control or profit) is the crown of the masculine distortion, driving dark, unconscious energy into destruction. Water is sacred, needs to be honored, cherished, treated with utmost respect - yet instead it's being tortured and abused, even destroyed - yes, our water is leaving the planet.  


Global weather systems are greatly distorted. If you are in California, you walk upon dry, thirsty earth, everything around you is crying for water. The fire danger is high, alerts are being issued now daily. You can make a difference and bring rain. We did it last year!   

It's because consciousness is powerful. Where consciousness goes, energy does.   

 Have a rain altar at home, and if possible also at your workplace. It's good to have a vessel with water in there. Adorn your alter with sacred objects, and all that are symbolic of rain or water to YOU, so you can relate (eg I like shells and physical depictions of rain deities, you may love that photograph of your child stomping in a puddle...). Allow yourself to be creative. Make you rain altar beautiful, invoking the presence of spirit and a sense of sacredness.  

Now, here is your daily sadhana: find a quiet moment, light a candle (if you can), and sit by your rain altar. Close your eyes, ground your pelvis, engage your pelvic muscles with gentle contractions. feel the sweetness of your breath, as you drop into your heart, feeling gratitude for water. Engage all your senses to invoke the sensation of rain: visualize it, feel it on your skin, smell it, taste it, hear the rain drops tapping...generating sexual energy with your pelvic contractions will help to make it as vivid as possible, so it becomes your reality.  Feel deep, deep gratitude in your heart for this precious rain, your face lit up with inner smile.   


If you are an Ipsalu CB practitioner, this segment will fit nicely into your Ipsalu daily practice, yes? But anyone can do it! Do this more than once a day if you can. Carry your rain altar in your heart for finding a quiet moment and tuning in.  

Using the creative-manifesting power of conscious sexual energy may take this magic one step further: simply release your vivid rain vision into the universe with your orgasm (during lovemaking or self-pleasuring), with a depth of heart-felt gratitude!

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