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Tantric Rejuvenation
5- week (online ) course
January 10-February 6

New year, new beginnings, new cycle of humanity unfolding...and it's time to rejuvenate our bodies and minds to live fully in a youthful energy & vitality and to attune to higher planetary frequencies that are the change in making! 

We came to this world to LIVE, to experience, to create new realities, to embody our sacred vehicles the best we can and to realize our true nature.

Tantra recognizes God/dess  dwelling in the physical form, and tender of one' sacred body-temple makes one's divine light shine!

Sexual energy is the energy of creation and prime force of rejuvenation. We are re-creating ourselves in the divine's image.

In this five weeks we will explore powerful  Tantric (Taoist) practices from India, Tibet and China that work primarily on stimulating subtle energy body and internal alchemy  (eg chakras -endocrine glands) and  have profound effect  on our

physique, energy levels, hormones, sexuality, mood, mental acuity and spiritual awareness...within a context of a daily sadhana (one for each week), that makes one's heart dance with joy and spirit soar.

We'll discuss/suggest some additional health & rejuvenation tips.

This is a solo practice, but creative couples can use it as a quality-time-together venture.

Beginners friendly!

Offering: $108

First class: Sunday, January 10, 10-12 PST $22 drop in.

Following classes: Saturdays, 10-12 PST

Recordings available for participants.


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