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Location: Kona Coast, Hawaii

Cost: $2700/person

Early bird by  February 15 $2550

Deposit $1008, full payment by April 15

Inclusive of accommodation, meals and 2 boat trips

Space limited for 12 participants, early registration recommended

Tantric Embrace Retreat - More Details

Tantra is only a very small part of knowledge and majority of direct experience - that brings the inner wisdom, inner knowing and wisdom directly form the source.

Forget about 'talk therapy'. Forget about intellectualizing, trying to figure things up. The mind is a problem-solving institution. Great servant, but terrible master. Stop trying to change your partner. Simply change energy.

Tantra moves energy. When energy moves things happen effortlessly. Long life patterns release.

Healing happens. Transformation happens. Heart opens. New light shines in. The universe around us

re-configures itself into a new shape.   Our perception of the world changes. We see our partner with new eyes of love.

Utilizing breath, sound, movement and other tools of tantra we will learn to move sexual energy in a conscious way. We will use healing touch open energetic pathways. Most of all, we will move with the Sacred Flow.


The course weaves around Sacred Flow, a beautiful (dance or ta-chi -like) energetic movement that can be practiced solo shared with another. We will share. Do not underestimate it's flowing lightness or apparent simplicity: it holds tremendous power, power to release hold of patterning that we have taken on (perhaps lifetimes ago), power to return us to the source of creation, to remember our origins before embodiment, to perceive reality beyond the world of illusion.

Dolphins live in a state of elevated consciousness, their frequencies of love and bliss are strong and expand far beyond their physical bodies. When we swim with them, we naturally tune into this field. You will find yourself in a trance-like state, yet in fact it's your original blissful, playful self.

Dolphins are the great healers: With their sonars they can see into our energy bodies, and should they choose to 'zap' us to dissolve blocks, realigning distorted energies into their rightful ways, helping us to restore health and harmony, opening our minds to higher perceptions, our hearts to greater love: the same qualities Sacred Flow practice does.

Dolphins are the great 'Tantrik Masters' of the sea: their heart and sex reunited, their sexual energy flowing as an expression of love. They enjoy erotic play and sexual union to celebrate, to rest in a state of expanded consciousness, to bask in bliss. Let's learn from them by simply being in their presence.



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Private bedroom in beautiful retreat house with a pool, located in on Kona Coast, near Kelakekua Bay where dolphins often come to rest and play.


Dolphins often come to a nearby bay in early mornings. Every morning we'll have an ocean playtime, with a good chance of meeting our kindred spirits during an off-shore swim, if they choose to interact. On one morning we may venture deeper into the bay on kayaks for a snorkeling adventure, perhaps meeting dolphins on the way. Two of the mornings we'll venture on a boat to seek dolphins in other bays, having also an opportunity to see the picturesque volcanic island shoreline interlaced with white beaches and to learn some facts about the island from locals.

All swims are optional, it's okay to just observe from above for those who wish so.

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