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Marriage & Other Sacred Ceremonies

You've found your Beloved,  and you wish to sanctify your sacred union in a special, meaningful way..


Expecing a baby, would like to have a sacred Blessing Way to awaken the goddess in you,  empower you in giving ecstatic birth...


You have just given birth, and yearn to have a  Baby Blessing ceremony to bless empover your child's precious life path...


Saying goodbye to a deceased loved one,  would like to honor this sacred passage in an expanded, spiritual way, perhaps to reach and connect, to communicate with the 'other side' (there is  no 'other side', it is our separate selves who make the separation...)


As a High Priestess of The Temple of Isis  I am  legally authorised to perform weddings, blessings, namings, funeral services and commence other sacred ceremonies.


I am here to lovingly help you create & perform the ceremony that is profound and meaningful to you, with respect to your spiritual path.

You are special and unique  being and deserve to have things your way!


 Please contact me to discuss  endless possibilities...




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