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She magnetized him with her sweet sensuality ...                      

 He electrified her with his radiant presence ... 

 They got lost in one another

 Riding the wave of orgasmic bliss 

As their hearts merged, they disappeared into l ight  

Only pure love remained...    

What is Tantra

Path of the Goddess...Yoga of Love ... Liberation Through Expansion..Weaving... Science of expanding consciousness...The sexual yoga...

.Attaining Transcendence Through Cultivating Sexual energy........Transcending all Limitations....Honoring the body...

Earth/Heart centered....Holistic...Nondual...All Embracing... Surrender toLOVE


To define Tantra is trying to use the limited mind to define the unlimited.

If Tantra was a temple, the 'definitions' above would open windows to see the look inside from different angles,

yet only being inside the temple would allow you to experience it in it's full magnificence.

 Let's open some of the windows and look at some of the aspects of Tantra:





Tantra is believed to be once universal, worldwide pursued philosophical outlook of life, the oldest single source of knowledge, concerning the energies

of the Mind/Body/Spirit/Soul complex. Archaeological discoveries reveal Tantric evidence as much as twenty five thousand years ago. It seems Tantra

has always existed as long as people wondered about the mystery of human (and all) existence. The sacred act of Hieros Gamos - the natural sexual union

between man and woman through which each became spiritually whole..(once openly acknowledged and exhibited, later, in times of oppression,

secretly treasured for the 'initiates'), seem to have played a key importance in all ancient 'tantric' cultures.


Although Tantra by it's Sanskrit name (Tanoti=to expand, Trayati=to liberate) has been associated with practices of ancient India and Tibet,

symbols of the Tantric heritage can be found in every culture (eg Stone Age cave paintings, Egyptian secrets of the 'Ankh', Chinese Taoism,

alchemy of medieval Europe...even all the major religions seem to have had it's internal 'left-handed' off-streams where the Goddess/female/sexual energy/

sexual union was honored as the means of reaching the ultimate union with the Divine. There are valid reasons to speculate that divinity of Jesus was

a direct result of a Tantric union with his beloved consort Mary Magdalene and played an important part in Buddha's enlightenment

(note his famous proclamation: "Buddhatvam - yosidyonisamsritam- Enlightenment resides in sexual parts of women...").













It seems that Tantra flourished most in 'right-brained' matriarchal or egalitarian cultures, where visual symbols and oral transmission predominated over

written word. Implementing of alphabet, rapid spread and favoring of written language over visual symbols and spoken word would gradually shift the culture

consciousness into the left brain and thus suppress all 'female' values. We are living in an exciting age where visual phenomena is re-emerging

(paradoxically so through the creation of left brained technology) and with it a new egalitarian vision of culture. Women are finding ways of coming back

in their power, both sexes are rebelling and releasing themselves from their 'traditional' roles, finding delight, empowerment and more wholeness in this

expanded way of living. With merging and evolving of male and female values, Tantra is finally finding it's way back, gaining more and more interest among

many and with it our hope for a more balanced, heart-centered world.










Tantra is sometimes being called the 'Sexual Yoga'. This, however, this may be misleading. Tantra is not a yoga of sex. Sexual energy is in Tantra used as a

vehicle for consciousness, as a tool of expansion. This powerful, sacred force is treated with utmost reverence.


The Sanskrit word Yoga means union.  Sexual energy, the strongest force in universe, the energy of creation, is the most powerful force of spiritual

transformation. Love, the basic wave from which everything is created, is sexual energy transformed by the light of consciousness.

Sexual union between a loving couple (Maithuna) is viewed as the highest congress bringing the human to his divine origin: Tantric lovers consciously

exchange loving energies in lovemaking (sexual union) to surrender their separate personality, reach loving union with one another, the Beloved

(Soul, the higher self), and ultimately,

the whole existence (Cosmic Union). Love is at the beginning and end of this journey. Love is the vibration we are made of, love is what keeps the

Universe holding together, love is God/dess, the merging of  consciousness (masculine principle) and energy (feminine principle). It really is THAT simple.



History of Tantra

Yoga of Love, Sexual Path

Path of Liberation

The world Tantra comes from the Sanskrit 'tanoti' - to expand and 'trayati' - to liberate. In Tantra we expand our consciousness beyond the boundaries of the ego driven limited mind, liberating ourselves from the imprisonment of our mental and emotional conditioning, from the confines of the physical level of being, beyond the perception of our five senses. Ultimately, Tantra is about transcending all the limitations, taboos, self-imposed boundaries, and all the dualities of life, coming to realization that ALLISONE (in perfect Divine order). This is the true meaning of atonement : AT-ONE-MENT.

Tantra is about saying YES! to life. When we come to the place beyond judgment, beyond right/wrong dichotomy, we are opening ourselves to a tremendous potential, expanding beyond our (self-perceived) limits, falling in love with everything and everyone in every moment, finding bliss both in happiness and in pain, literally living in a Namaste (recognizing the inseparable Divinity within and without).


Path of The Goddess

Tantra honors the Goddess and female energy in her many forms. (Please note: both female and male energies are equally important, they are the building blocks of everything we can perceive, coming from the inseparable unity). Men, don't feel neglected: There is a very practical reason for this. Shakti, the primal female  (sexual, earth) energy is a dynamic energy of creation - energy behind all manifested universe. Our planet is a manifestation of female energy, so is nature, so are our bodies, our sexual energy, our emotions. Everything we can see, feel and perceive through our

senses is the manifestation of Shakti. This simply is an energy that has brought us here, given us a manifested form;

energy that is abundantly available to us, that we can easily tune in. Earth-Shakti energy flows upwards, through our feet

from the ground we stand on. Shakti is the energy of love.





Shiva - the primal male (solar, heavenly) energy is static energy of the unmanifested universe, formless. It is the pure consciousness, clarity, the 'dream' of creation. This energy flows from above. To grasp Shiva, we would literally have to go out of our bodies, beyond concept. We can perceive Shiva here on earth only thanks to Shakti. Shakti can 'seduce' Shiva to come down in the body, joining her for union, celebrating in the heart - the seat of the soul. This is the premise of enlightenment: male and female energies in a perfect balance.


As above, so below. The Goddess - whether a flesh and blood woman, mother Earth - nature, or our inner female, is the initiatress into enlightenment. Famous prophets have reached their God state by surrendering in Tantric union to their beloved mate. Ancient matriarchal and egalitarian societies knew this. They honored the Goddess and her creative energy in women, in the land their lived on, animals they tended to, in all surrounding nature. They danced in ecstasy and made love to feel her flow. Those societies, spiritually highly evolved, lived in peace and harmony. Collectivism was a natural expression of their consciousness.










Honoring the Goddess in all Her forms is very healing for our planet, in western 'consumer' culture particularly significant. We are just emerging from some 3000 years of Kali Yuga (age of Fire), where female energy was suppressed, dominated, abused. This has yet come to an end:

Earth is being damaged, exploited, polluted, manipulated. Geoengineering, the ultimate assault on the feminine, posesses a major threat to all life on the planet.  Women still suffer great mistreatment in many places of the world. Western women are compromising their feminine essence in order  to  survive in a partiarchal system ruled by money, profit, production, individual recognition and success and other left brain values perpetuating separation from the source and one another. The much needed shift of global consciousness from individualistic to collectivistic, caring, nurturing, all embracing values is a must for our survival. The feminine needs to take Her rightful equal place beside the masculine (to be recognized and honored for Her uniquiely feminine values). It is the premise of entering the Golden Age. 








The process of birthing a new, heart centered humankind has an analogy in a human birth. The process may take some time, there are birthing pains, moments of desperation, emotions of anger, fear, pain emerging. The 'transition' is the ultimate stage of letting go: when a mother is close to pushing her baby out, she may feel like the intensity is beyond her limits, she may even think she's dying - yet it is only the ego at that moment that is dying, yelding to the magnificence

of her soul to shine fully. Anyone who has seen a woman in transition knows that ultimate beauty emerging from that kind of surrender...

 We, as humanity, are in such transition. As the collective ego in the process of surrender strives desperately to hold on, there is a perception of suffering coming from this strive for control (Numerous wars have been waged to control one another in some way). At the same time, the first magnificent rays of the soul shining through can be seen too! Remembering this will help us to get through the difficult times.





Tantra is often being interpreted as 'Weaving', or a 'Loom' because of it’s holistic approach, weaving together various areas of human knowledge in order to expand awareness in all states of consciousness. Weaving the sacred and the mundane, the light and the darkness, the pleasure and pain, the emotional highs and the lows, the rational and the intuitive, science and art, the old and the new also a part of the exquisite pattern weaved by the tantric loom.

In Ipsalu Tantra, which is this site influenced by, you will find authentic practices from several highly evolved Tantric cultures skilfully weaved with more contemporary Tantric approaches (eg works of Osho), Pythagoras' sacred geometry with with latest scientific discoveries concerning mind, body and beyond, modern psychology with traditional mysticism, scientifically focused yogic techniques with free-form intuitive movement and much much more.


Our universe is a magnificent web weaved into the most exquisite patterns. Human ego has weaved its own patterns of separation from the divine blueprint. It is the work of Tantra to undo the self destructive patterning and align all erratic distortions back with the sinuous weave of love.

Honoring the Body

Tantric views the physical body as an aspect of a soul that can be perceived by our senses, a form (vehicle) in which the spirit (infinite consciousness) expressing itself as an individual soul (an immortal aspect of ourselves) can exist and operate in a physical world. The physical body a manifestation of Shakti energy - the Goddess. It's made of energy-light-consciousness in a dense form, inseparable from other universal energies. Of course, this Temple of the Soul is totally sacred, inclusive all the aspects associated with our physicality: the senses, feelings, emotions, sexuality. What other spiritual paths may look down at as 'lower nature' and painstakingly try to suppress is in Tantra being lovingly accepted, cherished, honored and celebrated as an expression of the Divine.

To exclude the most sacred energy behind all creation is to deny our very existence! This is a non-dual approach.



The cosmic principles of consciousness and energy (masculine and feminine) permeating all reality, contained in all polarities and dualities emerge from one inseparable Godhead (divine oneness), like two side of one coin. Any seeming duality is an illusion caused by the ego perceiving itself as separate.

What ancient shamans, yogis, religious prophets and spiritual seers have known all along is being in our days verified by a conservative-nowadays progressive science: Duality is an illusion, separation is an illusion, the whole universe - whether manifested or abstract - is made of one ingredient: Consciousness, spun into the form by energy. In Tantra, this has been symbolized by Shakti and Shiva sitting in yub-yum, the perfect Divine union.



Earth/Heart Centered



Enlightenment happens In a body, here on Earth, not in an abstract space. What happens during enlightenment, can be described in concrete physical terms (action of hormones, metabolism, spinal fluid electrical action in the brain etc). To experience enlightenment is to utilize fully our human potential. To be here on Earth, fully present in the (bliss filled) body, and have an total access to the cosmic consciousness and use it to serve the humanity is the Tantric ideal.


The heart is a central meeting point between Heaven (higher chakras, Shiva descending) and Earth (Lower chakras, Shakti ascending). This is a place of Shiva and Shakti dancing in their ecstatic union,  sexual energy penetrated by consciousness, the making of love. While many spiritual paths focus on the mind, in Tantra, opening of the heart, finding our inner Beloved, is a key point of transformation. When we united with the Divine, our heart knows no boundaries, we merge into an ocean odf unconditional love. Love is sex energy transformed. Love is our essence, the sinous wave of conscious energy behind all manifestation, all creation.


The Whole Rainbow

Tantra is multifaceted, all containing. There are as many Tantric schools as they are colors in the rainbow. Different approaches (perhaps to find resonance with one's personality, karmic path or an individual's sense guidance) same underlying philosophy, same  goal. We will simplify those many colors and flavors with just a few basics:




White Tantra is primarily concerned with meditative practices and utilizes the power of sexual energy without the need of sexual physical contact with another. Sexual energy is being either circulated within the individual or transformed between two (or more) individuals on the level of their energy bodies. Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga contains variety of white Tantric exercises. Large portion of Tibetan tantric Buddhism translates it's teachings symbolically (eg during the Kalachakra ritual you are to ingest a mixture of red and white liquid that symbolizes the blood and semen), and integrates it within solo meditations. White Tantric practices would often be sought by Dakhsini Marga (right handed) yogis, wishing to remain celibate.


Red Tantra primarily focuses on sexual practice, the domain of Vama Marga (left handed path). This is an aspects that makes Tantra so attractive to the sexually repressed, spiritually starved western society. While Maithuna (the sexual union) is considered the highest form of Tantric practice, it can be easily misinterpreted. The second chakra is a place where one can get lost. In an attempt to heal sexual repression, red Tantric group practices may deteriorate into orgies (often with mind altering substances), where sexual pleasure and self-gratification overshadows the spiritual intent of self-relization. Some Neo-Tantric approaches are often focused on sexual healing and increasing orgasmic capacity, losing sight of the bigger picture. Tantra is a path of enlightenment: sexual liberation is an important pre-requisite, but do not get sold for less.


Pink Tantra would be considered a median, a loving integration of the physical and energetic. Approaching lovemaking

from the heart, reverently recognizing and honoring God-Goddess in one another, honoring the physical dimension to

reach beyond, surrendering the ego as the beloved disciple of the soul, that's what pink Tantrikas strive for.

Ipsalu Tantra falls to this category.


Black Tantra utilizes the subconscious creative power, that can be accessed during sexual arousal. Black magic comes from the third chakra (ruled by ego) and does not have to do much with heart or seeking God.

Using sex magic to manipulate others creates powerful karmic consequences and it's not recommended as a fast way for enlightenment.  Using orgasmic energy to surrender and become an instrument of the Divine/ allow Divine guidance fully unfold in your life is much more auspicious.

Aghora is considered the 'furthest left hand of God', going into extremes in strive to penetrate the dream of life's duality and laugh at the illusion of death. Much of the practices happen near cemeteries. Sexual union with corpses and other bizzare, socially 'taboo' activites are part of the Aghori's repertoir.


Heart Magic. Sex magic has become a popular 'catch' in neo-Tantric schools: Sex magic may help you manifest your desires but is really in your best interest? When your heart is open, the existence is taking care of your needs in the best possible way and for benefit of all. Soul intentions are manifested almost instantly. There's nothing more magical then being in a state of surrender to  your Beloved (the external reflection of the internal) with your heart wide open, pulsing with the infinite.





Ultimately, techniques and schools aside,Tantra is contained within us by our very nature. We have been born with an ingenious design to merge with one another in an infinite pool of love, to burn our separate personalities in the fire of sexual desire, to realize our divine beingness. We hold the keys to enlightenment inside. We are already whole, already one, only have forgotten...



The  moment you entered me

Like a swarm of fluttering butterflies

All my sensation went up to my heart

Aaaaaahhh, I surrender to the wave of love

Undulating through me

Opening hidden doorways

Wider and wider it expands

I laugh and giggle with joy

I look at your face

Really - it's my face

I feel my body

Your body - My body

One body

 It's my body

Again you've popped out of my heart

To reveal your magnificent form

My inner beloved

You look at me

That twinkle in the eye is mine!

You're kissing me

It's funny: I'm kissing myself

You say I love you

I love myself

Love is loving self

The desire of God to see itself




You thrust inside me

But there's no arousal

Only love

Beloved, there's no need to do that

There's nowhere to go

I'm already there

I'm the spaciousness of an orgasm

The god-surrender

I am bliss

I am you

I am the innocent radiance of love

Boundless luminosity

The person's gone

Leaving a pure giggling joy

The mind' swept clean

Reaching far from eternity

I laugh at this two headed

Four handed, four legged body

The embodiment of infinity

The mischievous creation

Of divinity

Every moment is fresh

Every moment is new

I am She

I am He

I am Love:

 Infinite light of Thee





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