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Sacred Flow

The ultimate goal of Tantra is divine (God) realization, an experience the supreme reality, hidden from everyday's awareness: beyond the dream of separate identity there's oneness with all existence and creative force. Our true essence is pure love. 

Our true identity is a being of love: infinite, eternal, unlimited; pure consciousness, pure energy. To realize one's infinite divine nature and to live in service of love is the highest purpose of one's embodiment.


The limited ego (our false self that we have learned to identify with, the personality that perceives itself separate) releases its tight grip when there is a perfect balance of masculine-feminine energies within: our inner god and goddess merge in love union. While this balance may be attainable in a singular practice, the physical union of two has a power to create a supercharge and accelerate this process exponentially. The intersecting energies of two beings of an opposite polarity are much powerful than our solo strive, creating an 'energetic short circuit', facilitating enlightenment much faster and more profound: When one merges with another, one merges with all 'other', there's nothing left outside.


The greater is your inner balance of energies (ironically allowing stronger expression of our masculine or feminine essence), the closer you are to living our divinity, and if you're single the greater chance you attract a balanced, equally empowered partner whom which we achieve the ultimate union.


The 'ultimate' is in fact an open ended word, for even the experience of one's divinity is continuously expanding and evolving. Now imagine what happens when two awakened beings make love: the ecstatic ride of god and goddess shifting shapes, orgasmically exploding as supernovas, creating new universes, traveling realms of being

beyond ordinary human comprehension....yes, that is possible!







Sacred Flow 

is a slow, energetically potent movement

reflecting the cosmic dance masculine and feminine

principles into embodiment.


This is a special practice deserving its special place in the menu:

for its beauty, its depth and power to facilitate both an immediate

divine opening and ongoing transformation and spiritual evolution. For the fact it deepens, accelerates and quickens other practices, including Tantric lovemaking. If you were to devote yourself to one practice only, this one would be on top.


The graceful, flowing dance like movement of Sacred Flow is a way of reconnecting to your true essence (love, bliss), opening your perception to the precious gift of being and sacredness of all life.


Sacred flow unifies the physical and non-physical reality, balances energetic polarity,

Awakening the flow of kundalini energy, our divine potential.


Love happens at the union of masculine and feminine principles: Sacred Flow opens and magnifies the flow of sexual energy (feminine) and consciousness (masculine), facilitating heart opening and an access to unbounded, unconditional love, and expanded cosmic awareness. It furthers a continuing evolution of being.


For the single: it awakens your inner beloved and His/Hers outer manifestation in your ife.


For the couple: it transforms your relationship. You will identify less with your personalities; perceive yourselves and one another as god-goddess (or ulimited, cosmic beings), your partner will become an outer reflection of your inner beloved, and you will realize your inseparable union.


Yes, patterns of 'all that's not the real you' will come up to be acknowledged, transformed, released.


Life has an amazing richness and fullness. Life is sacred, life is beautiful, a full. You will cease to identify your feelings and experiences as 'positive' or 'negative', rejoicing in the flow or richness and intensity of sensation.


If you feel called to embody more of that you are, you are invited to learn the Sacred Flow.


Embody god-goddess: Life fully in the love and magnificence of your infinite being.



Sacred Flow

practice is being taught in Tantric Embrace workshops (weekend & longer)

There are six levels currently being taught.

Elements of Sacred Flow are contained in majority of events and private sessions.

Sacred Moments

are smaller segments of Sacred Flow practice that can be taught in one day workshop. They magnify the flow of life force,

faciliate expansion of consciousness and flow of sexual energy, balancing both principles. Sacred moments can be used for transmuting

of sexual excitement into higher spheres of divine arousal

Cosmic Flow

Is an exquisite modality of Sacred Flow, facilitating descent of higher cosmic consciousness and energy into the body/planet for healing, transformation and evoluting, being anchored in hara/womb, the innate centers of masculine/feminine power.

Because of its utmost importance I share Cosmic Flow frequently.

Gayatri yantra: equal merging of two triangles symbolizing the masculine (upward pointing) and feminine (downward pointing) force. The resulting six pointed star represents the fully open heart chakra and the blossoming of love, void of separate identity.

Gayatri yantra: equal merging of two triangles symbolizing the masculine (upward pointing) and feminine (downward pointing) force. The resulting six pointed star represents the fully open heart chakra and the blossoming of love, void of separate identity.

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