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My Sacred Journey Through a Messy Life
Tantra As You (May not) Know It
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A woman’s journey to GOD through SEX


The Holy Grail revealed! The key to woman’s authentic power,

man’s enlightenment, and on a larger scale,

planetary transformation,

is hidden within her womb: the sacred temple of sexual energy,

the holy source of creation.

Tantra is a spiritual path embracing
everything, avoiding nothing,
recognizing sexual energy - the creative force of the universe -
 -to be the most powerful and direct portal to awakening and illumination.

Prepare to enter the Tantric universe,

the dance of Shiva-masculine & Shakti-feminine cosmic principles.
Dive into the fullness of life seen and felt with the eyes,
heart, and womb of a Tantrika: a devoted seeker of truth,

and a vulnerable earthen woman at the same time.

Through her open sharing of deeply intimate
experiences, a complex world of female sexuality will be revealed.

Suddenly you’ll be brought to understanding of the Bigger Picture.

You’ll find profound spirit wisdom in places you’d surely not look...

Without her intending to teach you anything, you will learn enough to
transform your life in a big way - if you wish.

Be ready - if you dare - to set out on an epic journey
rising to the light and falling face down in the mud.

Experience the magical and the mundane.
Glow in the glory of God and gloom in the gore of ego.

Float in the cosmic expansion and feel the density in the contraction of the underworld. Feel the birthing surges. Embrace raw sex, juicy eroticism, and mystical lovemaking.

The kinky and the sacred. The wounded girl and the radiant goddess.

The Madonna and the whore... and much more!
 Includes a step by step Womb Healing Ritual guidance for couples.

"My Sacred Journey Through a Messy Life is so beautifully written. As a reader with an English University Degree, I really appreciate this well crafted story, complete with eloquent and evocative language. As for the content, I am in awe of Shakti's courage and fearlessness in sharing her story and her willingness to be so vulnerable with her graphic and raw honesty. For those intrigued and interested in reading it, this book leaves nothing out! If sex sells, then this book is destined to be a New York Times Best Seller! This book has more romance and sex than "Outlander" and "Game of Thrones" combined. It is more graphic than the Kama Sutra and more educational than the popular Sunday night show with registered nurse "Talk Sex with Dr Sue Johanson". At the same time, it is heart-centered and loving, and explains through endless examples how sex can be used in a caring way to grow as a person, provide healing, and develop spiritually. Shakti pulls back the sacred bedroom curtain to reveal the full spectrum of the power of Tantric sexual practices, only known in obscure foreign texts from ancient cultures. Once you pick this book up, you will not be able to put it back down. Sure to blow your mind and expand your consciousness, all the while increasing your knowledge of this often hidden, secret and taboo world and subject matter. Shattering societal myths, norms, and expectations about what it means to be a woman who is willing to embrace the full spectrum of femininity in its entirety from the dark to the light of the Goddess. Thank you Shakti for sharing your life story and insights. I am looking forward to "The Sequel"!

                                                                                                                                                                                               - Janet Williams, B.A., B.Ed

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