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Goddess Arts

Dear beautiful sister, the goddess in you is yearning for awakening and expression! Yes, it's you: beautiful, lush, radiant, innocently sensuous...She's in EVERY woman! No matter where you are in life She's there, inside you: if not already dancing in light She's waiting to be brought out; to bless, to bring love and beauty to the world, to serve goodness of all.


Come and join me, let's dance together: learn the sacred moves (and the hidden secrets behind them) women practiced for centuries to nurture the flow of Shakti, to cultivate their goddess energy..., the moves that will feel so natural and innate to you. Every woman carries gifts within, gifts that- just like innocent lotus seeds buried within the deep mud below - with adequate nurturing come to blossoming, enchant the world with their magnificent beauty, magnetize their surroundings with intoxicating fragrance...


In this joyful, dynamic, flowing session you will learn to move gracefully from the center of your feminine power and cultivate your Shakti (sexual energy) for healing, rejuvenation and Divine radiance! You will enjoy experiencing and expressing your sensuality, feeling beautiful and feminine. Your yoni (vagina) will greatly benefit, being able to receive(and give) more pleasure during lovemaking (especially effective after childbirth). Goddess movements and exercises will even help to balance your moon cycle and rejuvenate your body to keep you youthful, radiant and beautiful from inside out! By honoring and nurturing your feminine power you are truly the divine creatrix, creating the life you yearn for. Based on the ancient art of bellydancing and Tantric practices from various cultures, we'll work in a way that will serve your uniqueness.


All ages and abilities,wellcome, including disabled: I will come to you!

Serving you individually and in sister groups.


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