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New Moon She Temple

Awakening the Goddess


New moon - new beginning, it's time to let go of the old, to release that which holds you back.

It's time to dive into the darkness and discover the treasure within.

It's time to free your true essence.

It is time for the goddess in you to blossom!


Join  a space we women can gather in our sacredness, awaken and honor the wisdom of our womb, nurture our tender heart, create supportive, intimate connections to empower the goddess in one a temple of She


Who is She? 


She is the radiance of love, She is the movement, the undulating pulse of transformation,  She is the creative sacred force...She is pleasure, She is beauty, She is lush sensuality, the divine feminine permeating all things...She is YOU!


Stirring the forces of the mystical inner cauldron  we'll prepare the fertile soil to receive the seeds of our dreams, intentions and visions. Using the ancient art of Tantra we'll remember how to dwell fully in the body, where She lives.


We rejoice in the delightful, beautiful VARJAYOGINI PRACTICE, a gentle Tibetan feminine yoga of cultivating our shakti (sacred sexual energy)  for healing, replenishment and rejuvenation of our blessed bodies, and on the larger scale, for healing our planet, Mother Earth.


Location: Your home temple (zoom)

Time: 6-8p, January 21

Love Offering (suggested) $49-22z

zoom link clic on pic


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