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Ipsalu Tantra Practicum Course

Mahavatar Babaji’s Cosmic Cobra Breath is a powerful ( if not The most Powerful) practice of transmuting sex energy and safely activating kundalini, our divine power. It can be used both during lovemaking and in personal Sadhana (or, anytime you wish to connect to your higher self and bring blissful radiance and sexy magnetism to your being…who needs muscles or make up?)

The bliss-body activating practice has been guarded for centuries, given only to the most worthy of disciples in far away Babaji's ashram hidden in Himalayas.

Well, until a certain point where it was clear the planet needs more awakened people in order to survive.

Long story short Ipsalu Tantra International offers Cobra Breath initiation to those who feel genuine calling to evolve.

Two ways are presently available: 1.Taking an Ipsalu Level 1 weekend intensive workshop (schedule on

2. Through Ipsalu Practicum self study home course that includes six zoom mentoring sessions with a teacher. The practicum is one of the finest works in self growth and spiritual transformation, bringing powerful practices, assignments exercises and a guidance of and experienced teacher.

A dynamic modality within the latter - Group Practicum - is also being offered time to time, bringing in the energy field of a small group into group mentoring sessions at reduced cost.

I am one of the mentors offering both private and small group mentoring guidance, as well a facilitator of Living in Bliss Level 1 Weekend Intensive.

If you wish to work with me please contact  regarding receiving Practicum course & requesting me as your mentor.



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