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Tantric Transformational Healing

This  in-depth multi-dimensional session (containing a combination of dialogue, breath, sound, meditation, movement, bodywork, energy flow) is focused to  identify, transform and release mental/emotional blocks that prevent you from creating the life you are yearning for, often affecting your physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Do you know that all health issues have an underlying emotional cause?


The decisions and assumptions made in early childhood and traumas experienced earlier in life have profoundly influenced our personalities and created circumstances we have found ourselves in today. Often we unconsciously carry our early conditioning and traumatic experiences, unaware of repeating certain self-defeating patterns. Subconscious messages within that we have taken on dominate our lives, preventing us from fully using our potential, creating happy relationships, enjoying radiant health, living in abundance. Our beautiful, magnificent selves get locked behind an armoring of emotional walls, obstructing the flow of creativity, abundance and unconditional love. Life may become a struggle. Or, maybe everything is 'just fine', and you are wondering whether this 'status quo' is all there is to life... Where's the magic? The adventure? It does not have to be that way!


Tantric Transformational Healing is a highly effective way of making powerful shifts in your life.  As you transform within, external life begins to reflect this trasformation immediately!


Struggling to find a life/soul purpose?  When you bring light into your 'darkness', your hidden treasures begin to show . Releasing emotional weight gives you the freedom to fly! Coming into your power your beautiful self will shine and miracles begin to manifest on daily basis..











*There is no clear dividing line between Tantric Transformational Healing and Dakini's Guidance. Being a powerful force of transformation sexual energy is often activated in this session in order to release emotional blocks, through which you may actually experience higher states of ecstasy.





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