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Tantric Bliss Massage

Surrender to the exquisite interplay Shakti  and Shiva energies within your being. Drop in a moment and let yourself being carried by your  overflowing  senses into a place beyond the senses, sensing the body beyond the body.  Let your shakti (sexual cretive force) awaken from a place of deep stillness and clarity....  Allow her fill your  whole body with her ecstatic dance , being held by the magnificent presence of your  shiva (consciousness).  Let her  vibration ebb and flow with your breath, until you merge with the ocean of infinite love,  bathing in an infinite bliss...


Tantric Bliss Massage is a sacred ritual, a beautiful way to enter into the mysteries of the body, to begin to wake up to the tremendous human-divine potential we hold in this humble temple, to begin to awaken dormant ecstatic energy channels and enter into states of being never possibly dreamed of.  In Tantra, pleasure is considered to be a bridge to god, a sacred portal to which when fully surrendered to without want, is to transport one into the pure divine realm.  Sexual energy at this level is experienced in its original , pure, innocent way,  a language of the heart.  It is missing  one's earthly purpose not to experience what's always meant to be yours.


To the more cerebral who's mind is overenganged, Tantric Bliss Massage (TBM) is a god sent blessing, an invitation to enter the body,  place where real ecstasy lives - the original intent beyond being born into flesh.

To the more body-based person this is a delightful deepening of one's  ecstatic capacity and divine realization.  TBM  balances the energies of the mind and body,  facilitating mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and a deep physical rejuvenation at a celular level (clients report feeling and looking ten years younger and I agree!).


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