Shakti's early age visions and experience of 'the beyond' lead her seek explore the world of the mystical. Graduating MA in the Prague University of Economics she rebelliously fled to London to pursue a modeling/acting career, driven by constant change and a freedom to discover her own self. At the same time she would be drawn to the world healing, alternative medicine and spiritual practices,  yoga in particular. In her search for that something she yet had to name she explored several yoga paths, and  had a successful career as a yoga teacher since 1996, until she discovered it: The intrinsic union of sexuality and spirituality called Tantra. She found her 'home ground' in Ipsalu Tantra (based on Tantric Kriya Yoga as given by Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj, and teachings of Osho), perhaps the most powerful of yogas to produce Kundalini awakening and spiritual liberation within a lifetime, carried by her beloved teachers Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha. She soaked in all they could offer and became a certified Ipsalu Tantra Teacher and Healer in 1999, also known as a Dakini, the muse & initiatress in Tantric arts. However, she considers her teachers' certifications somewhat secondary; by her direct perception she has been on a path of Tantra, Yoga, Sexual Healing, kundalini awakening and  other practices utilizing the sacred, enlightening power of sexual energy, walking the path of the divine feminine for many lifetimes, only picking up the forgotten strings of what's she'd always known - something all of us have been born to have a direct access to but let go hidden.

Conceiving, carrying, birthing and nursing her children has added an important dimension in her understanding of spirit embodiment and the power of Shakti, the creatrix of live, the dance of consciousness and energy into embodiment.

Out of her exalted birthing experiences was borne the concept of Tantric Birth, the  ultimate vision in birthing awakened humanity, a project that is yet waiting to reach it's full peak.  Shakti has completed doula certification with Natural Resources, and Heart & Hands Midwifery Intensives and Well Woman Care with Elizabeth Davis. She feels blessed to be a nurturing guidance to birthing mothers and witness to embodied souls arriving into earthen realm. In her Tantric Doula Care she's committed to guide conscious parents-to-be into a new paradigm of birthing as a natural continuum of lovemaking.

Her deep affinity for healing in all aspects lead her becoming a certified Marma Therapy & Pranic Healing practitioner, a profound healing and mind-expanding modality within  Ayurveda (yogic) and Siddha Medicine (Tantric), an answer to also many physical ailments.

Shakti has a life time passion for dance, both as an artistic expression and a profound spiritual practice of dancing with the source as an embodiment of divine feminine, a form of devotional prayer. She rejoices with the sensuality and inner depth of middle eastern dance and temple dance and considers her performances as offerings to the divine.  Many wonderful teachers, particularly Angel, Suhaila Salimpour, Magana Baptiste and Dhyanis have mused her bellydancing dancing path.

Shakti have explored many other dance forms on and off stage, both as a soloist and a troupe member, in front of audience and in the midst of nature. 

Shakti's Tantra immersion with Bernie Prior has opened the floodgates of both higher realizations and a further understanding of the great cosmic dance of Shakti and Shiva, the cosmic principles involved in the whole creation and beyond. The integration process seems to be ongoing, challenging her personality, drawing in more divinity...

Delighting in the beauty, flowing elegance, sensuality and transformative power of Sacred Flow practice Shakti finds it an important aspect of her Tantric guidance: beyond a simple flowing movement lies a profound tool of  divine realization - ultimate dance of  the principles of  creation known as Shakti and Shiva, consciousness and energy as one.
 Recognizing sexual energy as a sacred portal to the Divine,  Shakti has been committed to opening doors of expanding consciousness and transformation to others in a variety of Tantra classes, workshops, rituals, ceremonies and private sessions (sensitively tending to the unique needs of each individual), including Tantric Hatha Yoga (also prenatal and postnatal yoga), Tantric mentoring, Tantric Transformational Healing (releasing conditioning of the past), Dakini's Guidance, (Tantra coaching for spiritual growth and bliss in relationships),  high vibration bearing Divine Realignment, modalities of Tantric MassageMarma Therapy & Pranic Healing, and events for women , re-awakening the wisdom of our womb and the womb-heart connection, empowering the divine feminine within our sacred bodies.

As an ordained high priestes of the Isis Temple she's serving the goddess by conducing rituals, ceremonies and sacred initiations, including legal marriages.

She's been drawn to the beauty and serenity of nature as most perfect temple to remember Tantric divine union,  a sacred place to re-awaken our true nature, the sacredness of our body-temple, and  and also to consult the wisdom of plant spirits and to find many herbal allies for healing the mind, body and spirit. You may visit her  'wild medicine woman' website, , together with healing-session offerings for those who are perhaps not quite ready to embrace the intense raw power of Tantra, yet would enjoy the earthiness of herbs, the sensuality of fragrant oils, the nurturance of healing touch...   Those who love to dive deep into the Tantric sacred ritual aspect may delight in exploring sessions offered at the 'Temple of She' at .

She learns to listen more deeply to her higher guidance to be a valuable guide to others. She's a mother and a daughter. She's a teacher and a student. Though she knows the highs of cosmic expansion and divine ecstasy she's also an ordinary, earthy woman with her bare feet firmly on the ground and real feelings, intimately knowing both the bliss and the pain of embodiment.


Shakti's passion is in returning sexual energy to her home in the heart, resurrecting true light of a man and true beauty of a woman - bringing the holy communion of God-Goddess once back on the Earth as the supreme act of healing our planet & raising global consciousness onto a higher stage of evolution. She loves the ocean: the wild, ecstatic, passionate feminine force bearing and nurturing life, the outer reflection of the ocean of bliss residing at the core of our being.

Shakti's  mission is to bring you the purest form of Tantra: Where sexual energy is not an object of self-gratification, but a sacred vessel that touches the soul; a precious tool for  healing , transformation and experiencing pure unconditional love -  your true divine nature -and ultimately - enlightenment - merging with all there is.

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