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Tantric Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a sacred journey of discovery, an exciting time of great changes. At all levels of your being are engaged in creation of a new life, opening yourself fully to your goddess are a magnificent embodiment of Shakti, the creatrix of life. Enjoy this sacred time, slow down, let it be a magical, empowering experience that you can cherish in your heart for the rest of your life. This is the special time when you are closest to your baby (literally one breath) than ever! During pregnancy, sexual energy is abundant to nourish the developing baby, while mother's senses (including the sixth sense) are super sensitive and her mind in a dreamy space, easily slipping into blissful meditation. This is actually a very Tantric experience!


We greatly enjoy the sensuality of the rounding up expectant mother's body, the sweetness, magnetism and goddess energy she radiates! This all can be integrated in your yoga practice (beside increasing your energy and vitality levels, toning your body, soothing sometimes achy bits and curbing 'morning' sickness). We pay special attention to the sets of muscles that support the pelvic floor - not just for the birth purpose (your enjoyment in lovemaking/self love feeds your baby too !). In dynamic, yet gentle flow of breath, postures and movement you'll find the rhythm and in-body experience that will keep your body fresh and vibrant throughout pregnancy, and will guide you throughout  the sacred dance of giving birth.


Feeling more in tune with your intuitive self, you'll cherish the intimate connection with the precious little being inside you.

As a mother to be you will feel more both relaxed and energized, more supple, vital and strong, ready for the ecstatic joy of giving birth!


In a private session we will have an uninterrupted  time to tune into your individual needs,

address your emotional wellbeing,and help to design a practice that serves your uniqueness,

enhances your vibrant health and  your feminine radiance!


Group sessions are also available upon request.

I am the great creatrix

Divine mother in her fertile cycle

Flowing with desire to give life

Filled with relentless passion

Vibrating with love frequency


 And Higher

       And Higher

In eternal  ecstasy

In a blissful  orgasmic tsunami wave

The  universe  floats out of my womb

And with each contraction of my holy temple

A star is being born

With each sway of my soft, round hips

A light filled galaxy spirals out

Like this one

Filled with so much brightness: Let’s call in the Milky way!


A  little sweet planet is just being born

I breathe life into her

And make her luminous blue

Just like the waters of my flowing desire

The waters of life

I’ll call her the Earth

Which rhymes with hearth – home

She’ll be goddess like me

 a mother in a form

With a round pregnant belly

Out of which millions of life forms will be born

Two most important ones

One – a womban – created in the image of my being

The other – a man – her companion –

Pure consciousness  dressed in a body

Encoded within them

Is the divine puzzle

How one can become many

How two can become one

When the puzzle is solved

When the task is done

They will come home

Resting in pure love

In the stillness of my womb




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