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About Birth


Is there a more awesome event in the world than a newly embodied soul entering the physical realm?

Is there a more beautiful image then the Goddess herself birthing a new universe?


We have all gone through this transition , perhaps without realizing how much this grand entrance has mapped out our life journey.  Can our entry to the world be gentle and loving? Can we feel loved, nurtured and secure right from the first moment so we can remember our essence and feel cradled in the nurturing arms of Divine Mother for the rest of our life? Can you, beautiful birthing mother, experience birth as an ecstatic, orgasmic process becoming  the Goddess that you are, making a new universe coming to being? Can you feel empowered by your birth experience to fiercely cherish, nourish and protect your child in ways of truth the way Divine Mother does?



Birth is  a Natural Process

 Women's bodies are perfectly designed for giving birth by mother nature. Any woman instinctively 'knows' how to give birth - provided she is in a safe, supportive environment, undisturbed by unknown energies and unnecessary interventions.  Birth is perfectly natural process, guided by  the awesome wisdom of the body, woman's instinctual nature and intuition.  It is our disconnection from nature and suppression of female energy that has created 'complications'. It is our fear of allowing this profound sexual energy to flow fully in sacredness that created pain.   May we return to the ingenious guidance , honor our instinctive nature and watch with respect and awe that which is does not need to be interfered with.

Birth as a Spiritual Process
If you are reading this page you are probably already aware, that birth is much more than physiological process of reproduction.


What happens physically is secondary; birth is a matter of spirit: is a sacred ritual, an event of great transition and transformation, a time and place 'in between the worlds'  where spirit is palpable. The sacred portal of the worlds opens  so a new, embodied soul can enter the material world. The birthing mother is literally standing on the threshold in between life and death, between the physical and non-physical, between earthly life and eternity. She has been touched by the unknown, she has gone out of body and come back. She merged with the Divine Mother, experienced herself as the Goddess, the Great Creatrix, the life-giver.

All indigenous cultures, even in contemporary world, celebrate this great transition in women's life. Through birth a woman become a Mother and she will never be the same. The changes in her body-mind are profound. Her mind (and physical brain) has been altered, her energetic field (aura) is expanded, she has an access to the greater wisdom of feminine/intuitive/right brained awareness, connected with all creation, beaming with Shakti (creative universal) energy.She has spun consciousness into a form, She has given life. She's the Great Goddess birthed a new universe into being.




















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