When Sex & Spirit Dance as One

An epic journey that will place you on a runway of profound spiritual awakening, healing and transformation


*Awaken and raise the vibration of your sexual energy as a force of healing and spiritual illumination

*Activate your innate power centers (Womb-Hara) to empower the embodiment of your feminine/masculine essence

*Open your mind to expanded of consciousness, your heart to unbound love,

your self to radiant beingness

*Explore the interplay of  He-She (Shakti-Shiva)  within and in the relationship,

the dance (and magic) of polarity & sexual magnetism


 *Access deeper levels of emotional & spiritual intimacy with another​

*Set yourself free from self-limiting patterning

*Unveil the profound role of e-motions in intimacy (and navigate through the waves)

*Unleash the creative expression of your gifts, shine your magnificence in the world

*Giving, receiving and making love: birthing and dancing in Tantric relationship

The course revolves around learning the Sacred Flow practice, a gentle movement that stirs powerful energies into motion!

Singles and couples welcome, gender-balanced environment. Fall 2020

Location: Greater Bay Area

Time: Friday evening - Sunday evening

Cost: $350 tuition (couples $650)

           $150/300 approx for meals & accommodation

Deposit of $108 (per person) is to secure your place












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