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Tantric Embace Loop 1
April 23-25
An exclusive, luxurious weekend retreat for five extraordinary couples
When Sex & Spirit Dance as One

What really is Tantra?   

Tantra is more than sacred sex...

         yet through Tantra you'll realize sex is sacred

 Tantra is more than exploring one's sensuality  

         yet  your authentic nature is immensely sensual

  Tantra is not about sexuality  

          yet life's creation is entirely sexual

Tantra is not about sex; it is about divinity 

          though sex is the most direct way to divinity

Tantra is not about orgasm 

          though your divine self is utterly orgasmic

Tantra is about Love: the purest nectar of immortality,

                                    the fiber of all creation

                          the deepest yearning of every soul to return to

When Shakti & Shiva unites, Love happens

        Lets' go beyond having sex
                        Make LOVE

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An epic journey that will place you on a runway of profound spiritual awakening, healing and transformation


*Awaken and raise the vibration of your sexual energy as a force of healing, transformaiton and spiritual illumination

*Activate your innate power centers (Womb-Hara) to empower the embodiment of your feminine/masculine essence

*Open your mind to expanded of consciousness, your heart to unbound love,

your self to radiant aliveness

*Explore the interplay of  He-She (Shiva-Shakti)  within and in the relationship,

 the dance (and magic) of polarity & sexual magnetism


 *Access deeper levels of emotional & spiritual intimacy with another​

*Set yourself free from self-limiting patterning

*Unveil the profound role of e-motions in intimacy (and navigate through the waves)

*Unleash the creative expression of your gifts to shine your magnificence in the world

*Giving, receiving and making love: birthing into being Tantric relationship

The course revolves around learning the first part of Sacred Flow practice, a graceful movement that stirs powerful energies into motion!

Location: Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat, California Hot Springs

Time: Friday evening - Sunday evening (optional additional night stay)

Cost: $1995 per couple all inclusive ($700 to secure your place)

           Includes: private accommodation in beautiful, Ayurveda themed eco-conscious rooms

           delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian meals & snacks

           access to local hot spring resort, bathing in delicious

           healing waters on and off site

         Ongoing support (many channels)

         Event discount for Pinklotuss Mailing List subscribers available!



Health Precautions












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