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Dakini's Guidance

Experience deep within yourself the sacredness of your sexuality...being alive you've always meant to be!


Tantra is about being fully alive in your body, your vehicle for experiencing physical reality, and a ground base for perceiving other realities beyond the physical. Your senses are marvelous gifts through which your body can be experienced. Every inch of your body has an orgasmic potential, and there is an ecstasy in every moment of being fully present in your body! Awaken your senses, open up to experiencing the delightful flow of lifeforce through you, let every moment become a celebration of life, of feeling/being love! Being fully in touch with your sexual energy is a foundation for becoming a great lover and having an exquisite lovemaking experience - that affects the way you experience (make love with) life. There's actually much more to sexual fulfillment then having bigger/better/multiple orgasms...Sexual energy is your direct link to divinity, your original essence. Through cultivating sexual energy and reversing the procreative urge, you are being taken to the source of creation.


Personal Cultivation

You will learn Tantric techniques of cultivating and transmuting sexual energy to experience heightened states of arousal, extending orgasmic states for a length of time and expanding into higher levels of ecstasy, ultimately beyond time and space, to experience you true divine nature.

When sexual energy flows upward you can utilize this flow for healing, rejuvenation and expanding consciousness. As you direct this precious force to the heart you are being bathed in deep unconditional love, experiencing union with God/dess regardless whether you have a partner or not (your true Beloved can be found within!). You can develop your spiritual-sexual practice that will create profound transformation in your inner and outer worlds.


Partnership Dynamics

Men: what makes a man a Man? Is it his external strive for money or power, or is it something powerful deep inside him, the inner blissful stillness, the consciousness that he emanates, the relaxed and calm way he responds to the flow of life, the passionate way he claims/holds his woman? What makes him so attractive/irresistible? Perhaps confidence that comes from knowing who he is? You too can learn a mastery of  being intimately with a woman (in and out of bedroom) standing confidently in your masculine power - as a profound lover and the one who opens Her to her highest love, and blissfully receives Her beautiful goddess essence..


Women: you will  enhance /re-awaken the flow of your sacred sexual energy, the sensitivity of your body, and  your feminine receptivity that opens the floodgates to profound love, ecstasy and deep feminine fulfillment at all levels. You will learn to communicate your needs and desires in a truly feminine  (often non-verbal) way, and lusciously guide your man to eagerly bring you fulfillment - at all levels.


Couples: You will learn practices of  deepening your intimate connection (resolving conflicts where needed) and cultivating your lovemaking as the most potent tool of personal healing, human evolution and complete spiritual awakening.



*There is no clear dividing line between Dakini's Guidance and Tantric Transformational

Healing: Clearing the way for an unobstructed flow of your sexual energy gives you an

access to and opportunity to heal many emotional issues (especially around

self-worth and creativity) and , so you can stand fully in your authentic power.

There is no explicit sexual exchange in my sessions, however the energy itself is palpable and


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