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Pinklotuss Tantra

Pinklotuss Tantra celebrates the preciousness of life, the sacredness of every moment. It honors and celebrates nature as the most vibrant expression of Shakti (Love), woman of which is an embodiment.When we merge with the earthen density nature we can also realize our cosmic origins..

Pinklotuss Tantra incorporates Ipsalu Tantra, Sacred Flow, Womb Wisdom, shamanic practices, Tantric  herbal medicine and more. Direct stream of consciousness often brings new openings and magical happenings.


Pinklotuss Tantra celebrates the beauty and fullness of a woman and the power and emptiness of a man, as the highest embodiments of Shakti and Shiva. We balance their internal and external polarities as a reflection of and a catalyst for one another to enter a state of divine union.

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