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The many offerings listed here could be condensed into a few words: I bring love, caring, compassion, understanding. I see everyone as an unique emanation of the divine. Beyond tough exterior there is a soft, loving heart, beyond shy or self-doubting  cover there's a great luminous being. Beyond 'ugly duckling' there's a radiant goddess of unbound beauty, beyond helpless woman there's a powerful priestess. Beyond suffering and self-sabotaging patterning there's great courage to incarnate on Earth and the limiting third dimension, and experience this great, treacherous journey of learning and growth. Lost in the experience we forget who we are...then we begin to feel a certain disquiet, sense 'there's more', innately yearning to remember our greatness and live life bliss-fully, knowing our true self, our wondrous nature. Life is beautiful, life is precious. Every moment is sacred.  I'm here to guide you, give loving, healing touch, help you remember through breath, sound, movement, feeling  your most sacred life force orgasmically rushing through you, bursting your heart open, flooding unbound into a world of oneness.

I do not serve you: I serve the God/dess in you.

I bow to your quest for the truth, love and light that you are!

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