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Vajrayogini Practice
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Vajrayogini (the female Buddha) practice has been considered one of the most sacred yogas of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and Golden Age India.

It is a practice of cultivating our Shakti (creative force) energy for healing, replenishment, rejuvenation, and on the larger scale, for healing our planet, Mother Earth. We are meant to thrive in luscious vitality, and so does Mama Earth, our greater body. As we move together our bodies and energies expand, we embrace the greater planetary aspect.

Come, connect with your sisters and access this powerful wellspring of beautiful energy, a source of rejuvenation for your body, nourishment to your heart and soul, healing and nurturing  of your greater earthen body It's time to tap into this hidden gift and use it to your blossoming.

This gentle,  elegant, almost dance-like practice could be described as a merging of Hatha Yoga and Tai-Chi, where the wave of breath, soft, flowing movement, use of pelvic muscles and visuals  activate a delicious, energy flows throughout the body, awakening, activating and uniting the 'two hearts' of a woman: the womb and the heart.

Next Session:
Saturday, April  27, 2p

Open Secret Bookstore,

Length 1.5-2 hrs.

$28 Love Offering  

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