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Tantric Birth

 Not only birth is a completely natural process needing no interventions; what if birth is the continuum of lovemaking, the reaping of the fruit of love, powered by the same energy? When the lovers (embodying the primordial Shakti & Shiva, the cosmic principles of energy and consciousness) united, the seed new, magnificent creation have been conceived; it gestated, ripened over a period of time; nurtured by the love and of both.  And now the lovemaking dance continues to bring this new, embodied consciousness into the world. 


Just as she had to open in order to receive His seed - cherished to opening her petals by his loving worship, filling her with pleasure, holding space for her, earning her trust until her complete surrender - the same energies are coming to play now: Once again she is to open to release her treasure. To do so, she calls for his consciousness, his presence: she needs to be held, she needs to feel safe.  She needs to relax soften. She yearns to be loved and worshiped. She thrives on pleasure that opens her, that feeds her with orgasmic sensations, diminished any pain.

The role of a man during birth is to be her lover.

Woman is meant to give birth in ecstasy, feeling orgasmic wave with each rushes of energy that we call contraction. Just as her womb contracts during an orgasm, powered by the bliss hormone oxytocine, the same happens when she's giving birth, only so much stronger!


The baby feel its mother's ecstasy, the father's loving presence and is filled with joy and trust. It is welcomed with love and awareness trusting in the world of love and goodness. It's safe to shine one's divinity. It's life journey will be filled with light. The parents will be illuminated by this profound experience. The word wide web of life will receive this profound influx of love and light and expands in consciousness.


This is my vision of  Tantric birth in the new paradigm of Golden Age, the age of light. Do you feel inspired by the possibility, want to dance this illuminated path, experience this miracle ? I am ready to dance with  you. My Tantric Doula service is to provide loving guidance throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for this magnificent act of making love. Literally: making of love.

If honestly interested, ask for more details.

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