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Tantric Hatha Yoga

Tantric Hatha Yoga is a vital componet of Tantra practice, keeping your body, strong and supple, making it a profound conduit of energy. Stimulation of chakras (endocrine glands) glands, enhanced  flow of prana (oxygen, vital life force), and sexual energy supports vitality and rejuvenation, the mind is calmed down, opening to greater consciousness.


Tantric Hatha yoga is an earth centered, shakti (creative force) honoring practice, bringing attention to energetic flow up the spine, body sensations, feelings and perceptions beyond. It is a dynamic, yet 'soft' form of yoga, using mother Earth's gravity and pleasure in expansion as allies. Riding the wave of breath to generate a slow, sensual movement and engaging your pelvic area, you will bring your mind to heavenly stillness and open your body to great freedom, flexibility and blissful aliveness. Gentle enough for beginners, challenging for those who wish. Tantric Hatha Yoga is enjoyed practiced outdoors, honoring the connection with nature, the harmonious embodiment of divine feminine.


Tantric Hatha Yoga is being offered in small group

sessions and on private basis.

Please inquire about an ongoing West Marin women's group time and place.



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