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Ipsalu Tantra

Ipsalu  is a Sanskrit term for transcending (going beyond) desire, to the point of full completion. Love, joy, bliss, ecstasy, inner peace...those all are aspects of being in present.. Desires take you out of the present. When you are in the moment, everything is perfect. As the limited ego yields to the magnificence of the soul, ego desires all but crumble under the great manifesting power of soul intentions (please note: we distinguish here between ego desires - stemming out of sense of incompleteness, and soul intentions, a higher kind of desire of divinity to know/express itself in magnificent creation.

When ego desires are silenced, soul intentions can spontaneously emerge from divine stream of inspiration).

Ipsalu Tantra is rather unique within the wide variety of Tantric paths, distinguished by it's comprehensive 'holistic' approach. Ipsalu is an accelerated path towards mastery of your sexual, emotional, physical and mental energies. Ipsalu skillfully delivers ancient Tantric practices into the context of life and evolutionary stage of a contemporary western Tantrika. It is based on a 'marriage' of the ancient science of Tantric Kriya Yoga 

as given by Mahavatar(Immortal Master) Babaji Nagaraj,  with more contemporary work of Osho, weaving in knowledge from other age old (Eastern Indian, Tibetan, European, Chinese...) and more recent sources. What perhaps distinguishes this path is it's focus on realizing our magnificence, attention to emotional clearing and yogic techniques for safely activating our kundalini (cosmic consciousness)


The Ipsalu Formula (ASATE) is a sensitively choreographed sequence of techniques or practices to evoke the experience of divine bliss within the practitioner. It is a playful, yet deeply transformative approach towards realizing your Divinity.


The 'spine' (quite literally) of Ipsalu Tantra is the Cosmic Cobra Breath, a powerful pranayama (technique of altering consciousness involving breath),

a precious gift to humankind from Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj. This ancient breath technique was long held secret and only been transmitted orally (originally from guru to disciple) because of it's great power to awaken the 'sleeping serpent' (kundalini). Cobra Breath allows Shiva (electric) consciousness enter the spinal system, pulls Shakti (magnetic, sexual) energy into the spine, changing electromagnetic properties of the cerebrospinal fluid, allowing kundalini to move up. As the brain receives this magnetized fluid, the dormant brain cells awaken and the nervous system is transformed, accessing higher consciousness. Cobra Breath is probably the most powerful technique of transmuting sexual energy into higher vibrating force during lovemaking as well as during personal practice. The effects of practicing Cobra Breath are cumulative.








There are sevel levels of Cosmic Cobra Breath. Four levels of Cobra Breath are taught in courses by Ipsalu Tantra International, each opening a particular energy channel and chakras allowing greater kundalini flow, accessing corresponding realms of divine awareness. The sequence of opening is such that the nervous system accommodates this transformation gradually, allowing safe kundalini activation.  The last three levels are to be received psychically directly from the source to continue further illumination.

Interested? The ideal way to learn Cobra Breath is in Learning to Live in Bliss :Level 1 weekend intensive

 (offered internationally by a network of certified Ipsalu teachers).

If that's not possible, it can be received through Mentor sessions within the Tantrabliss Practicum

(both available on Ipsalu Tantra website listed below)

Shakti is a certified Ipsalu Tantra teacher. She deeply believes in and honors this ingenious system of transformation, that can produce profound changes in a very short time. Though her work over the years has expanded and includes other modalities  Ipsalu Tantra has been at the core of her awakening for which she holds much gratitude, and it's included both in her teaching and in her daily sadhana.


For more information about courses please go to


You can also begin your exploration with  Jewell in the Lotus (Sunyata Saraswati & Bodhi Avinasha),

and The Ipsalu Formula: A Method for Tantra Bliss (Bodhi Avinasha), truly extraordinary Tantra books!



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