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Dance Blessing

Since ancient times dance has been the innate expression of the sacred feminine whether sensual, flowing, magnetizing or wild, ecstatic, all absorbing...used to initiate and invoke, honor and celebrate, remove darkness and  bring light, bless, enliven, awaken...


Dance is the primal quality of the dynamic, creative, Shakti energy : She dances the dance of creation, spining consciousness into light, spinning light into form...weaving the manifest universe into being. There's enticing, transformative power in this beautiful, selfelss gift of the Goddess. It is a meditation in motion, a holy communion of earth and sky, a playful Shakti's seduction for Shiva to enter the earthly realm. Dance is the fertile energy that makes the dormant seed sprout into creativity, the inspiration that awakens the sleeping consciousness...The expression of our divine aliveness!













Shakti has danced all her life. Exploring a variety of forms and styles the silent truth behind moving her body remained unchanged: it was a portal to her innermost spirit essence; unbound, joyful and free, entering worlds of great beauty, magic and bliss. As an accomplished yogini she found oriental (belly) dance some eighteen years ago, time that also marked her journey as a Tantric Dakini (teacher & Healer).  She feels blessed for all her great teachers, initiating her into different aspects of this ancient women’s art. In belly dancing she found her affinity with the great primordial Shakti - creatrix of life, embodiment of love; spinning light into form as She moves ecstatically…Dance has even more so become her healer, port of remembrance of her original feminine essence, an offering of service to Divine Mother, surrender to love.



I will be honored to bless your temple, celebration or special gathering with a beautiful, sensual Goddess dance (drawing primarily from a middle-eastern bellydance and Indian Temple Dance traditions). Please inquire.



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