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“I have been on a healing journey for a long time and have done an incredible amount of learning, reading, processing and trying out many different modalities all in an effort to get to the core of my health challenges.  When working with Shakti, I felt very safe and secure with sharing my deepest issues, which she very delicately, gently and expertly was able to zone in on.  Some wounds are so deep, painful and old, that they are buried deep under many layers of protection and become “sacred areas” that are avoided. Working with Shakti, she was able to help me get to the core of one of the central issues that I have been dealing with since childhood.  In facing this issue, and acknowledging it - it has allowed my body to release the physical, mental and emotion pain and tension I have been carrying for so long, bringing relief and relaxation to the body. If you are looking for help from someone you can trust, I can highly recommend that you consider working with Shakti.  Her light, love and radiance will help you shine the light on your health issue.” 


-Janet Williams


I felt that your workshop was everything you said it would be, and more.  I came in to it not quite knowing what to expect. Your lecture portions were informative, direct and opened my eyes to another level, frequency wise. My Tantra path has been convoluted and has been a bit chaotic , moving with fits and starts.  I recognize that I am unable to progress without the feminine and  also understand that my partner must work at her own pace and with her own understanding. I am seeking to find my place in the midst of this. Your words of encouragement and your compassionate method of connecting has allowed her to explore beyond where she thought she would be comfortable.  Her transformation has continued since we returned home.  


Your teaching methods, your level of understanding and your personal development, together with the path you walk, speaks to your integrity and deeper understanding of this work. All of this works together to bring integrity, compassion and integration to your workshops.  Your mind, body and spirit are congruent, on topic and the energy and message is delivered on a heart level.



Shakti Padmini brings tantra from her heart, weaves it together with the subtle energies of kundalini and grounds it all skillfully in the body. With playful focus on the divine feminine and masculine, students are invited into their strengths and beauty. She shares her insights and knowledge with rare transparency and thoroughly connected with herself and the group's needs. I highly recommend working with Shakti if you are wanting to use tantra and your relationship to develop  greater intimacy, depth and love in your life. My partner and I always leave her workshops feeling renewed and our love rekindled and expanded.


Thank you for sharing your caring, compassion, love and healing.  And helping me. I'm feeling a great relief at having found you at this point in my life. I felt your compassion and love and desire to help me heal.  I am committed to giving my all to working with you and your gifts.  I have hope now that I am on a path of finding my way and that will allow me find life.  


In gratitude,




Thank you for an amazing session! You are such a gift in my life, that I words can not express how I feel about our time together. You have changed the way I think about the feminine energy I feel in my life. I will never think about relationships the same.


I love all that you are and all that you are about. You will always have a special place in my heart.






Thank you for helping create and hold such a beautiful space during the puja on Saturday.  Your energy, your sweetness of intent, the honesty with which you open and share yourself...all were simply beautiful.  You helped me reach and tap in to my source Shakti energy as well, and for that I am grateful.  That state of being is so lovely, and being in it created a precious space in which I continued connecting with Rex throughout the rest of the weekend.  Truly divine.  So filling.





You put so much energy into your work, that I am honored to be your student.

I can comfortably say, my path into honoring the goddess in all, will never be the same, after your guidance.


You are the "real deal' when it comes to spiritual tantra. I realize after what you shared about your life experiences, that has become what energized you to learn all you have about this path. It really touched me, you have emerged such a wondrous teacher for men to learn from. I applaud you for that, and have such admiration who the person you have become. You have definitely changed me.






The more I feel it, it appears that unconditional love is such a liberating force reducing all problems to nothing. You will not suffer as you do not expect anything in return. The amount of energy that feels like it is going through my body has been a revelation!




Thank you for this past weekend workshop - Tantric Embrace.  For me, it was the best ever.  I went into it thinking I would relearn The Flow.  I did that and much more.  Incorporating chakra opening work and tantra exercises was fantastic!  The tantra work brought meaning into each of the movements of The Form.  My "Flow" practice was good but it will now become much better.  It is no longer just a series of movements but I have in addition elements of sacred tantra worship that draw on the receiver's energy and also energy from above as below.  The whole practice is supercharged!

Another thing I liked was meeting the other participants and getting to know them.  Throughout the workshop weekend we became closer and closer.  By Sunday evening, we all had a sense of oneness and were comfortable hugging, touching ....  It was like we transformed from strangers to family.

Your workshops have always created the safe and open environment for me to experiment with myself and to try moving outside my normal boundaries without fear of failure.  You have the right touch to challenge me and yet you are open to witness the result in any form it may present itself. 

Thank you,


Shiva Richie



Having read another person's revue, I was expecting pain and trauma when pulsing.  However the initial experience was not at all uncomfortable.  I did find myself attempting to use my breathwork to help support Shakti's weight.  Eventually I had to give in and just accept her weight.  At that point I did feel some pain in my stomach.  More important I felt my first and second chakra awakening along with sensations in my third chakra.  Emotions began to well up within me.  I couldn't understand what they were but I was moving in and out of some pretty strong feelings.  I continued my breathwork and found the experience to be an amplified version of the Reichian Breathwork weekend that I had experienced a few weeks ago.  This pulsing experience combined with breathwork was really charging my body with all kinds of sensations and I could feel the energy shooting through me.  I reached a point where I had enough and would have been very happy to quit anytime.  However Shakti kept going and I went deeper into my body.  I found myself at times trying to resist her movements but couldn't.  My resistance gave in and I began uttering sounds that grew louder and louder.  The sounds helped me bring on whatever my body wanted to release.  Eventually all flowed through and I began to feel a huge weight lift off of my chest, allowing me to breathe deeper and easier.  I felt energy actually flow upwards through my body.  I had always understood the concept of chakras awakening but this time I actually felt the energy move through giving me a wonderful experience.  Thank you Shakti for taking me down a path that was not particularly easy but well worth the journey.  Also thank you for bringing me back down slowly and easing my way back to consciousness.  I feel happy and in touch with a side of me that I haven't felt for a long time.  I am feeling alive.  What a great session!




My sexual  integrity healing session with Shakti was a most beautiful experience.  With ritual, Shakti created a safe, sacred space.  With her strong, sensitive, and skillful touch, she helped me to open chakras and experience new energies.  With her finely tuned intuition, she knew when I was ready to receive more.  Locked on her steady, loving gaze, I stayed present and connected.  Thank you, Shakti, for this beautiful time with you.  I am so grateful for your guidance and support for me to deepen my practice and open to love and be loved.


Michael Reppy


Shakti Padmini asked me to write and let you know of my experiences with her related to massage.  I have known Shakti for about two years now.  She has helped me deal with emotional grief due to the loss of my first wife to cancer.  I am happy to report that I am now remarried and living a happy well adjusted life.  During my healing process I received several massages from Shakti.  About once per month Shakti currently massages me and also my wife.  I have low back pain, neck pain and knee pain.  Shakti's massages are heaven sent.  She intuitively knows where to use deep pressure and where to lighten up.  Often, I find myself almost in a trance-like state, absorbing the bliss.  She is clearly comfortably with the human body and is skilled at healing.  She is very spiritual which shows in her massage "temple".  My feet are very ticklish so I let very few people touch me there.  However Shakti works her way down to my feet and puts me at ease with her massage.  The pressure is perfect and she even works between my toes without my usual knee-jerk reactions.

Every time the word, massage comes up when Shakti is around I perk up and get excited at the thought of having one of her sessions.  It really makes my day!



  I cannot explain what has changed but I now feel like I understand the concept of spirituality when it comes to lovemaking.  I haven't had a chance to talk to my partner about this and I don't even know if I can explain to her what I now understand.  However I will be carrying out our love making in a far different way.  I will no longer be driven to excite her or try to make her orgasm.  Instead I will be taking the longer, slower approach and will be infusing breath work and energy work into our sessions.  I suddenly get the reason for the cobra breath.  I suddenly get the concept of moving energy up the spine.  I suddenly get the difference between short lived peak orgasms and the elusive valley orgasm.  I suddenly get the concept of "Shiva" joining with "Shakti"...and it's beautiful beyond words!




After my first level one workshop I felt transformed.  I no longer had a "full" feeling inside me with a need to release.  I no longer masturbate since I don't feel full.  I no longer have sex with her "breasts and vagina".  I make love with "her" (the whole person).  Our lovemaking is not centered around my releasing but rather around touching and seeing the wonderful person in my arms.  I now feel my lower chakras as alive.  My attitude has changed.



Thank you again for your support.  As things settle down, it is clear that quite a bit of "debris" - identification, etc., got cleared away in a short time, in such an easy and effortless way.  There is a new, profound level of peace and relaxation and lack of taking things personally.  Also, the Divine Mother energy that came through during the Form, is showing up quietly and subtly in my sessions with clients.  It is unlike any other type of energy I've worked with, because I'm not "working with it."  It is simply there & it has nothing to do with me.  Yesterday, a client said she felt like she experienced her Originality, her true nature, more powerfully than she ever has before.  This is what I've always wanted in my work with clients!



I don't quite know where to begin.  I am still in a "glow" of new found energy and peacefulness which you guided me to today.  I am counting the days when I can visit you again....I felt such unconditional love, your energy and ability to help me see Divinity within me stirred my sole deeply.  Our eye gazes took me to heaven.  At one particularly powerful moment, I looked up into your loving eyes - at that instant I knew I was looking into the eyes of God/Goddess.  I convulsed with loving energy as you channeled her Divinity into me.  Never before in my adult life has anyone moved me, awakened me as you today.  I feel as if I have found an Angel in you.  The peace, happiness and joy that emanates from you  and within your sacred space is unbounded. 


 Thank you for not losing hope in me, for reminding me you were there to share your loving energy with me. I will always remember and cherish this day and you.   Anyone seeking greater joy and peace in life, love and understanding will find it with Shakti's Tantric Bliss Massage as I did today. 


With much Love and Gratitude




(Level 1)It took me a year from the time I discovered your website to step up to the challenge of participating in your workshop.  I admit part of me was a bit afraid to enter the unknown world of tantra.  I thought I would have to face my own failures in my past sex life.  As it turns out I did have to face them and not just my sex life.  You gave me a gift that many have offered but no one has been able to give.  You showed me that tantra is about the mind, the breath and the body.  You showed me how to move past obstacles and understand what lies beneath and what truly matters.  You carried me to a place where I could expose myself to others (but really to myself).  You gave me an understanding of shiva and shakti.  I have heard of chakras before but you taught me how to awaken them.  You told me at the start the weekend will use a lot of energy and will very emotionally draining.  You spoke the truth.  Today I feel transformed to a new awareness of what can be.  I have started a new journey in my life and it is already profound.  It is calling me to continue to explore myself, challenging me to become more ecstatic.  I will one day be writing an email to classmates telling them about the radiant light shooting forth from my third eye!




(Level 1) I was so filled with all of your light and energy that I made the long drive home without falling asleep at the wheel.  When I got into bed and closed my eyes, something wonderful happened.  I thought that I had left a light on in the hall way, but as I opened my eyes the room was dark.  It was ME, the light shined brightly at my 3rd eye.  My body just lay there is total BLISS.  I experienced all of you and your beautiful energy.  It wasn't until 3:30 am that I rolled over and finally when to sleep.


Thank You All for making my life so Blissful,












It was certainly a pleasure to meet you Shakti Iva and attend your Spring Into Love Puja.   Being able to experience your beauty, spiritual power and knowledge with my Shiva patner and others, and the sexual energy that lies within us all was a blessing.  It was truly a wonderful experience and has encouraged me explore deeper, the aspects of Tantra and it’s techniques. 

Thanks for a wonderful experience.  Look forward to attending more of your events.



Shakti Deb


The transformation I experienced with you is still with me, I have profoundly changed.  I do not look at relationship with fear and I have an open heart.  Thank you for your incredible sensitive nature that seemed to effortlessly unwind my many years of hurt and protection to unveil an open love and accepting nature that was always there, open to love.  Your very appreciative student,  Gary


Over the years, I have sought out skilled body work everywhere from Esalen to Harbin. Then I found Shakti right here in Marin County. I can state unequivocally that she has mastered the art of touch to a degree I had never experienced before. If there is such a thing as a consummate touch artist, she is the virtuoso. Her tantric massage sessions -- of which I have been blessed to have had about half a dozen by now -- go beyond dualistic categorization. They can be simultaneously described as therapeutic and sensual. At times during the session she makes me feel like I'm the center of the universe; at other times she makes me feel that it is safe to let go and transcend my ego.

-Michael -


Thank you Shakti for a wonderful afternoon filled with emotional and physical bursts of sunshine.  You are such a light in the universe.   I love for myself more and feel gratitude and love every time I think about the time you spent with me.


G.M. California


 In your Divine Realignment  I felt like I was out of my pain body, it just fell off,  because it was not real.

I was in my total essence of who I really am , I felt big, powerful, free from all that pain, big enough I can serve humanity,

grateful I can serve. I felt their divinity and thought ' how don't I treat every one like that every day? '   


A.D.  Marin                                                                                                                           




You are so much in such a tiny body, you have so much to give that your open arms could be a blanket of healing over the whole Earth. You are so unique, so genuine, so what we all would love to embody...

                                                                                                                                                                                 D.N. California


 Our session really brought more Shiva consciousness foreground for me.
And has helped integrate another level of  Shiva / Shakti within. Thank you for  being with each moment as it arose. You have supported me in ways I'm still realizing.
Much Love and support for your work.                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                                                   M.H. California


I have done several sessions with you in person, so my first response to doing a phone session was: "Oh no, it's not gonna be the same!"
But wow, you were RIGHT THERE!  I cried in tears as I was guided through a very loving, touching experience..
Your spirit loving me, your presence, the words you were speaking to me was like a guided meditative touch for releasing love for myself.
I was blown away by the power of doing this over a phone!  It was just as powerful as if it was in person. I did not miss out on anything!
When I had an orgasm I felf being cradled by you, I felt beautiful!

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Diana, California



Thanks for a wonderful experience.  It was a pleasure to meet you and attend your program. 
You truly appear to be a complete manifestation of Shakti and it feels great to see you harnessing the immense spiritual power & knowledge that lies undiscovered in India and other parts of the East.  You are a real blessing for the people of America by bringing this awareness close to them.  Your session does encourage me to delve deeper into Tantric Techniques to attain blissful state and channelize & utilize the immense sexual energy that we have all been blessed with.  Dear Shakti, allow me to admit that the Warmth, Love and Caring present in you equals the Sensuality, Beauty and Charisma that you have been blessed with.
One would be fortunate enough to delve into Tantric Realms with a Companion like you.

                                                                                                                                                                                         S.K.  California


 Few people on this planet embody the essence of Shakti (feminine power and energy) like this amazing and beautiful woman. In her presence, one discovers grace and beauty, hope and inspiration, love and compassion, magic and mystery. To know Shakti Iva is a pleasure, to be friends with her is a gift from goddess, and to be touched by her exquisite soul and flowing spirit is simply Divine. I am honored to know Shakti Iva, be friends with her, and receive the gift of her presence...

                                                                                                                  Michael Pooley,  Skydancing Tantra teacher,



 Shakti Iva sparkles and shines with loving, compassionate, lively energy! She makes it fun to move your body. She has the most beautiful, lyrical voice that can calm the most turbulant of minds. I know because I had the great honor of being her student at the Ipsalu Yoga Level 1 workshop. I love you Shakti Iva!

             -   Amanda, California -


About 'Double Goddess Cosmic Bliss':

Words cannot express what I feel for these two goddesses.  As you enter the temple, the world you know fades away.  You are in a sacred space of sensual femininity unknown to most.  Their eyes speak to you, captivate you.  You are led into the inner sanctum.  The hands, sights, sounds, aromas, tastes, words spoken and not spoken, the yearning, take you to a smooth intensity rarely experienced.  You find that all three of you are connected and don't know how it happened.  The worshipping goes on, until you are out of your body as you know it.  Some time must pass before you can stand.  Your sense of reality is replaced by bliss, and it stays with you for days.  The thought of ever leaving becomes almost too much to bear.   You are changed, and can never forget these two tantrikas.   When the experience comes back to you as you daydream a month later, you smile.  This is a true investment in your happiness.     


Submitted with love and respect,   



 Moments from the  last puja live on in my heart and in tender memories. The attention you pay to honoring the divine in us as shivas and shaktis, the worshipping of the feet, the time we took with the others of our own gender to discuss and bring intention to the mysterious sweet polarity of the masculine and feminine, it all touched me with a deep gentle power. I also appreciate the eloquent and poetic way you spoke during the exercises. I felt I was in touch with heaven, buoyant and guided over a warm lake. It was very sweet, and I look forward to the experience again.



I loved the Goddess Retreat! My partner said I was glowing for days!



 I want to thank you for a lovely day  [Goddess Retreat]. I truly enjoyed meeting
the other women and spending the day in profound love and beauty. I also
want to especially thank you for  some of the exercises we did that day. One
in particular seems to be having a healing effect on my breasts
(fibro-cystic) and the lumps are going down. ..











It was over four years ago that you took a beaten soul of a man and transformed him into a worthy Shiva. My life has been rewarding and so beautiful beyond belief. You kept your promise that I would find my shakti. You are a blessing that I will never forget. I send you my love that your life will always be rewarding and full of love.


Dearest Shakti,


Thank you for your very sweet reflections of our last session, I share the same warmth and afterglow.

I am still feeling the Shakti energy activated during our beautiful session together. It was so powerfully spiritual, sensual and healing...

I so appreciate your delicate, tender exploration of my feelings, my emotions and using your prayers, intentions and connections to God to channel so much Divine Energy into your beautiful Temple Space and into my heart and soul.

- Greg


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