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Tantric Bliss

When Consciousness Entered Energy

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Tantric awakening is available for everyone!


This is not an ordinary book. It's a tool of (effortless) transformation: all that is needed is listening from within and surrendering to the whispers of inner current...

Charged with potent consciousness and energy, this book sings with poetry, bypassing the skeptical guard of your rational mind. Reaching under and beyond the conscious mind it talks to your right brain, realigning you with your pure 'beingness', opening you to greater depths of cosmic truth and realization of the true essence of Tantra: the foundation of life and creation itself.

The mind may not understand this, and yet, something grand is happening at the level of your soul. 

Like a moth to a flame your being is drawn to the truth, to the light of love.

May you gain a courage to enter this sacred realm, to discover a beauteous space beyond limits...



From the readers...


"I could not put your book down, and so much of it spoke to my heart and soul."


"I imagined you looking at me with those soul piercing eyes, and saying "Hey Man" ... in the passages of his resurrection. Wow ... I do get it. You are the real deal in Tantra. All I have to do is open my heart to possibilities and forget my fears. I see God in you and in all your Tantric practices."


"Your book will be a reference guide for me to remind me of all possibilities of love. All your students should read it and meditate about it. As Dr. Wayne Dyer would say, "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."





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