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Doula Care Welcoming Page

Tantra recognizes conception, pregnancy and childbirth as powerful portals of spiritual transformation. The awesome energy that creates life can bring you to the very source of creation!  You can use this magnificent well of energy to attract, nurture and bring into the world a spiritually advanced being.  As a mother of two I feel blessed to experience this first hand. Being in the essence of Shakti - creatrix of life - has added a profound dimension to my journey of spiritual expansion and giving birth have been among the top amazing Tantric transformational experiences of my life, something I will always draw from.


This journey begins even before conception; there is so much involved in creating a new being the eyes cannot see! Many factors at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level will influence the makeup of  future baby. For those inspired I will assist with providing the perfect circumstances for conceiving your precious child.


During Tantric Doula Care I will work with the birthing couple, nurturing a strong Tantric loving connection that will culminate during birth: The sexual energy that creates a baby also births a baby - a loving dance of Shakti and Shiva that opens a channel for the fruit of their love to be born. This work may include resolving past emotional patterning to create the most emotionally and spiritually nourishing environment for the mother and baby.

In a special ritual I can also help to facilitate a powerful experience for a mother whose partner is physically absent.

Please know that  you - as-the mother-goddess - are  the sovereign creatrix of your birth experience, so I'm ready to lovingly surrender to your visions and work towards fulfilling your dream birth.


May your child's birth be an enlightening sexual-spiritual experience of highest order, giving your baby the best possible entry into the world and magnificent initiation to you as parents...


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