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Tips For a Profound Tantric Bliss Massage Experience


Tantric Bliss and Double Goddess Bliss are modalities of Tantric Massage, that is best integrated within comprehensive Tantra coaching program. Yet for many these may serve as the first doorway into the Tantric world, so they are available independently as a gateway for initiation to the mystical. 

Here are a few tips to make most of your session:


 It is best to come with a sense of mystery and wonder, free of any expectations.  The intent is to disengage the conscious rational mind and allow the dream mind to operate. Your boundaries will honored at every step. The focus is on awakening your subtle bodies and opening your heart, experiencing true bliss.  The senses are the doorway from physical reality to more subtle dimensions.  Although TBM may be perceived as very sensual experience and your sexual energy is likely to be activated, this is NOT an 'erotic' massage - in Tantra sexual energy is sacred and this precious force is to be expanded and transmuted into higher vibration, allowing you to have a transcendental experience.


 Tantric Bliss Massage is essentially an act of worship,  and a surrender to the divine feminine . Yet it is not merely a passive reception. You can actively co-create your experience by 1) Letting go of any expectations about what is 'supposed' to happen.  There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way. Trust that whatever happens is just perfectly what you need (from the point of your higher self).  Sense of wonder and surrender is the best attitude. All happens in perfect divine order.


2) Staying present. When your mind wonders of to past or future you  miss the magic of the moment. Bliss happens in the moment, love happens in the moment.  Body and breath awareness (below) will help you keep in the present.


2) Keeping an awareness on your body is an essential doorway to higher states of expanded awareness.  If your mind wonders of, gently bring it back to the body awareness. Become the witness of your sensations (you may witness your body melting away  and your consciousness soaring...). Sometimes supressed emotional material begins to surface. Breathe into the place of discomfort, allowing emotional energy flow, while completely witnessing the experience. Emotions are welcome and honored and asked to be experienced with a full consciousness.


 3)Stay relaxed. Practice slow deep breathing. Breath is the ally of your presence. Breath is also a tool of  expanding your sexual energy. If you feel a buildup of sexual energy in your genitalia,  conciously relaxing any tension with slow deep breathing will lead to a different, more expanded experience.


Breath is also the bridge between your mind and body, the connecting link of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.  There may be a point where your breath naturally ceases.  You have entered the breathless-deathless state.  This is a great blessing, a possible window to access the unconscious/superconscious awareness. 


4)Accelerating your healing/transformation process. When your body is totally relaxed, you may enter into the state of theta threshold consciousness (7.8Hz, Earth resonance, vibration of Shakti energy) - a magical 'twilight zone' from which reality is being weaved. You may be given powerful messages in forms of dreams, visions, sensory impressions etc... Ask me if you'd like to use this process for healing particular issue/transforming your reality.








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