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Marma Therapy has been one of the prominent disciplines of Indian Siddha Medicine and Ayurveda (thousands years old Indian system of cultivating complete mind-body-spirit health and longevity originated from Rishis - enlightened beings) believed to have served as an original base for acupuncture in TCM. Marma (or Varma) is a Sanskrit word for 'sensitive' or 'vulnerable'. Thus marmas/marmani are sensitive points or areas on the body connecting the physical and astral dimension, through which the flow of prana (life force) can be affected for the purposes of healing the body, mind and spirit and expansion of consciousness.

Marmas are an interface of dimensions, meeting points between the infinite pool of cosmic energy-consciousness and individual energetic circuits of our limited bodies in charge of their physical, mental and emotional functioning. Marmas are the portals of individual and cosmic consciousness, our lower and higher selves, our physicality and multidimentionality. 


Being both an energetic and physical medicine Marma Therapy is being successfully used to facilitate our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, but also treat a variety of physiological ailments (eg women's reproductive health, neck & back pain, respiratory & digestive issues, glandular hormonal imbalances, organ deficiencies...) both chronic and acute health issues, injuries etc...there are nearly infinite possibilities of use!


Marma Therapy session is mostly a deeply relaxing, blissful experience, opening channels for deep healing at all levels and for accesing greater dimensions of our being, reaching beyond the boundaries of time and space into the blissful, beauteous realms of our soul, possibly all the way into the infinite divine oneness. Elements of marma therapy are being implemented in all healing sessions according to the needs of each individual.


Marma therapy utilizes a wide range of tools, eg crystals and rocks, sounds, fresh and powdered herbs, oils/tailas (herbal medicine oils), essential oils, flowers, heat and pressure applications and more...



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