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Art Preparation:

With this suggestions you can be as minimal (not sure about painting) or fancy (YES to painting a lot!)

*Art canvas (the larger the better) or a sturdy LARGE sheet of paper

* Easel or something to prop your canvas (eg a stack of books may do)

* Set of acrylic paints ( 2-3 shades at least, plus white, Joann has bottles for 99c..) You may invest into a set of primary colors + white from which every possible shade can be made (black can be created but it's easier to buy one too if you think you may want to use it)

*At least 2-3 brushes, one larger flat one, a set of several sizes would be nice, containing round and flat brushes

*Art palette for mixing paint(may be an old plate)

*Something to cover your work surfaces (old cloths or shower curtain

*jar filled with water

 *cloth for drying extra paint from brushes before rinsing

 *pencil, eraser

 *candle + matches, incense, sacred objects..(optional)

* optional: vinyl gloves to protect your hands

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