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Mermaids & Dolphins
A Magical Retreat in Paradise for All Water Loving Women Who Yearn to Unleash and Nurture Their AuthenticFeminine Essence

Close your eyes. Smell the exotic, sensuous fragrance of paradise. Soften. Be carried by the sound of the waves. Welcome the loving, blissful presence

of  kindred dolphin spirits embrace you. Let your body tingle with delight as you remember the time when you were a mermaid.

This extraordinary retreat revolves around freeing and nurturing your watery feminine essence, the essence of SHE (Sexual-Holy-Energy).

Enhanced by interaction with wild dolphins, the 'Tantrik Masters' and healers of the sea.


This amazing energy, the very essence of the divine feminine is inherent in every woman, waiting for its fullest expression. 

Just like the ocean She can be blissfully calm, sensually soft and gentle, playful and joyful,  ecstatic and passionate, or wild and raging,

but always ravenous for life, yearning  flow as pure love.  Once freed, just like the ocean She cannot be bound or controlled,

only blissfully surrendered to, gracefully embodied. 

Water the essence of life, the physical expression of sacred sexual energy, lovingly flowing into all forms. For many women

contact with water is a way to reconnect with her innate essence, to merge with Her infinite, ecstatic body of love.

In this oceanic retreat we will immerse ourselves in our internal and external waters, opening gateways for She

to fill our ecstatic bodies, our blissful, infinite being. We'll invite and delight in the loving presence of  dolphins,

the wise, loving companions, healers and initiators into higher consciousness and embodiment of love.

If you resonate with/wish to awaken your inner watery essence, if you love water, if you feel connection with the ocean, and you're drawn to  the magical,

loving, healing energy of dolphins this retreat is for you!

*Come into a safe, sister held container in which you can relax, soften and open to the secrets your sacred body holds

*Receive deep nourishment of the ocean, surrender into your gracefully flowing, sensual being, feel your fluid aliveness

* Re-open your orgasmic floodgates, experience the wild force of She

*Activate the innate power of your womb, and release deeper obstacles to the flow

* Rediscover your playfulness, spontaneity and sensual innocence

*Nourish the bliss current within, nurture your inner vibrancy and outer radiance

*Cultivate sacred sexual energy for awakening, healing, rejuvenation, and healing the planet, opening to the flow of unbound love

*Remember your receptive nature, live in a state of continuous love making (with all creation)

*Celebrate your flowing feminine being, bask in your beautiful, radiant self

*Swim in beauty (with dolphins if you wish) flow in beauty, create beauty

*Merge with your infinite oceanic self

*Feel your way into a true sisterhood - being loved, nurtured and unconditionally supported by a circle of women,

  feeling common connecting thread with all women

Remembering who we are our mermaid practices will be naturally flowing ways of the body, with little mental effort.

*Daily immersion in warm oceanic waters where dolphins often join in spontaneously

*2-3 guided boat trips, dolphin and manta ray swim

*Initiation into the sequence of Sacred Flow movement: to a woman this is a portal of experiencing herself as SHE

(cosmic force of creation-divine Mother - pure love); continuously transforming, evolving, expanding, letting go of her self imposed limitations,

embodying Her true form.

*Delicious meals & beautiful lodging in lush, exotic environment


Location: Big Island, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Anticipated time: April-May 2020

The event will be limited to 12 women, please contact

if interested






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