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May 4
Marma Points for Lovers

Harness the ancient wisdom of Tantric medicine for expanded lovemaking experience and everyday blissful aliveness, while nurturing intimate connection with your loved one.

Marmas are sensitive, energetically dense points or areas on the body connecting the physical and astral dimension. These are doorways to the invisible world of energy and consciousness, affecting the mind, body and emotions, awakening to greater aliveness, healing, and presence of spirit.  We will work with a series of 'magic' points to awaken consciousness and open the floodgates of sexual energy both in preparation for expanded Tantric lovemaking, and ongoing sexual health (hormonal balance, sexual sensitivity, fertility)* and vitality, and luscious enjoyment of life!

Giving and receiving Tantric marma massage is a beautiful ritual of intimate communion,  connection soul-to-soul in a field of love & expanded awareness...yum!

*Though the workshop is presented in the spirit of Tantra

 & sexual enjoyment the information shared

offers a profound therapeutic tool as used in ayurvedic medicine

April 27, 2021

Time: 6:00 8:30p PT

Location: Your own love temple

Love Offering : $49 per couple

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