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Session Logistics

Dear Valued Client,


Here’s a few tips on how to make the most of your session, please read carefully…


*Please be respectful of my time and space.  Plan your journey to arrive on time to enjoy a full length of your session. If you arrive early, take a few minutes to just breathe and be.  Kindly communicate any unexpected delays.

*My sessions are sacred and should be approached in that way: Please arrive showered, nicely dressed (comfortable, loose clothing is best), and well groomed, bringing a sacred offering to the Temple of She (eg candles, flowers..) as an expression of your genuine intent and surrender to what is about to take place. You may also wish to consecrate a special power object (a rock, shell, piece of jewelry) for you to take back with you to carry an energy of the ritual/healing session.


*It is best to avoid eating at least 1.5 hours prior session (small snacks to keep your blood sugar steady are okay). Both hunger and extreme fullness interfere with the energy flow.


 * Avoid  any  mood/ consciousness altering substances that may interfere with your process. Absolutely no drugs!


*Fresh, clean body, yes please! Synthetic perfumes/colognes - no please.


*Tantra is a path of honoring the goddess. Man: come with a sense gratitude and surrender to She. You are being cherished in return. Woman” feel the divine sisterhood connection between us.

*Do not let your mind in a way: Trust that you will receive exactly what is needed for your growth at this moment. 


*Money is an empty media. With the right attitude, it can serve as an expression of love.  Place your money offering (in an envelope) at the altar to be sanctified at the beginning of the session, or pre-pay online. Consider a little financial 'love gift' to further the growth of your abundance (the more we give, the more we receive…)

*The first real time payment is to be made with cash/cashiers check or postal money order. Please place your financial offering to the altar at the beginning of a session to be sanctified.

Personal checks and paypal payments need to be cleared prior a session. Subsequent payments can be made with credit/debit cards and personal checks upon agreement.


 *My sessions are intended for deep, transformative healing and spiritual advancement, not for sexual gratification. If you are seeking the latter there are cheaper options…

*I am here to support the blossoming  magnificence of your being, which includes abundant flow of sexual energy rejuvenating the body, inspiring creativity, nourishing the heart, illuminating the mind. May you fully claim your divine birthright!

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