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Health Precautions
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Since the covid situation at the of  time of workshop is still unknown be are being prepared to conduct the event in ways  to provide maximum safety and comfort for all participants. At the same time we appreciate the healing powers of  touch, prana-rich unrestricted deep breathing, kindred spirit communion and amazing energy practices...and of course, LOVE. We will not reinforce any limiting measures, yet have plentiful space available for everyone to create their own safe environment.

Here's our Sacred Seven ways of staying safe and thriving:

1. Limited number of participants (only 5 couples), each having their private room with a bathroom easily accessible from main workshop space.

2.Large workshop area leaving ample surround space for each couple (even during dancing and other movement exercises) if desired.

3.Spacious dining area with indoor/outdoor tables providing necessary distance if needed.

4.Deliciously fragrant antiviral essential oils diffused in the main workshop space providing both healthy air to breathe and spiritual ambience

   (essential oil choice and use with everyone's consent)

5.Plenty of outdoor natural space to move,pristine mountain air to rejuvenate and relax

6.Health & immunity boosting Ayurvedic  meals, beverages & tonics

7. Frequency rising Tantra practices strengthening one's energy field and high vibrating radiance  (viruses vibrate low)

Let's add one more for infinity: 8. Natural hot spring spa therapy in healing, balancing stress relieving, immunity boosting waters.

There' a large, spring water filled hot tub on site and a rustic resort one mile away,

We encourage each couple to conduct themselves in a way that makes them feel safe and respect safety needs of others.

At the same time we do rejoice with making new, meaningful connections among participants.

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