Light Return Puja
Wednesday , December 22  COUPLES

Surrender into the blackness of Winter Solstice
Journey to the darkness of the cosmic womb,

the origins of primordial love   

To discover the light within 



Awaken you body to ecstatic aliveness

Attune your mind to bliss vibration  

Open your heart to unbound divine love


Ignite the sacred power of your  sexual energy in the light of consciousness  to embody divinity 



Recognize and honor god-goddess in each other ...
you will never look at a man or woman with mundane eyes



Expand beyond the boundaries of your physicality

In an exquisite encounter of the divine masculine & divine feminine - The 'Holy Marriage' 


Rest  in the blissful stillness 

that carries the wave of ecstasy 

Learn the Cosmic Flow  practice - the profound act of drawing high vibrating light into your being and the planet


In the sacredness of blessed shakti-shiva union 

You'll bring the radiant light of love back into the world  



Create Sacred Space that transcends physical boundaries

Time: 6:30pm PT

Location: Sacred Temple of your home, virtual  Puja circle via Zoom


Love Offering : $57 /couple


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