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Bliss Bath

Relax...let go...unwind...surrender. Let my loving, caring touch help melt away any tensions, silence the chattering mind,
bring stuck energy back into flow, return erratic emotional patterns back to the sinuous wave of love.
As your mind settles into a peaceful state of being, your body softens and astral channels within your subtle body awaken, the floodgates of vital energy open to bathe you in the ocean of ecstatic bliss, your self awareness expanding far beyond the physical boundaries, into the realm of infinite beauty and love.

Bliss Bath massage follows patterns of energy movement closely to Tantric Bliss Massage, attention given to each chakra and principal nadis (Ida, Pingala, Sushumna), within a more traditional, gentler & more modest context. It provides an ideal container for working with marmas, whether for therapeutic or spiritual purpose.

1-2 hours


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