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Pamper the goddess in you, using ancient ayurvedic ways that leave your skin (and soul) deeply rejuvenated, toned, nourished and glowing! Amplify your feminine radiance with nature's own 'beauty potions', many of them will be prepared fresh specially for your unique skin type.  Aromatic essential oils can be added to deepen healing and rejuvenation, awaken your senses and add to the pampering.  Centered around delightful face lifting massage & marma treatment will not only beautify your from the outside (stimulate collagen and elastin, improve tone and texture of your skin) but also from inside (facial marma points stimulate and balance the function of your internal organs affecting your overall health and happy feelings, reflecting back on your external radiance. Feeling deeply relaxed and blissed out you will look and feel years younger, and vibrant with vitality!

Plus, you'll take home some tips for facial self-massage and marma point stimulation and pocket friendly, superior natural beauty care.

 1/2 hour or 1 hour

May be combined with massage...

   Natural Beauty Care classes also available for small

        groups of min 4 people, please inquire!


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