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Gaia Healing aligns the energies of your mind, body, emotion and spirit, cultivating vibrant health and well being, restoring your body's natural balance and self healing functions. It is profoundly deeper and more powerful than many forms of spiritual healing or energy work for it penetrates every level of your being, aligning you with your highest divine essence.


At the etheric level it balances your chakras (major energy centers), opening energy channels to their optimal flow to accelerate your evolution. The flow of sexual energy is enhanced for rejuvenation, greater aliveness and spiritual expansion.


At mental level it restores stillness, clarity and a sense of profound peace in your mind, revealing your unlimited potential and your ability to perceive life from greater perspective, and your capability to witness and resolve any personal issues and life challenges within the context of greater understanding.


At the emotional level it opens self-defeating habits and transforms self-limiting emotional patterning, dissolving and transforming the old energies into new life power, giving rise to your creative potential.


At the spiritual level you are being aligned with your highest truth, your divine self, experiencing profound expansion of awareness, opening of the heart to highest love.


Gaia Healing balances the masculine and feminine principles in the body, giving rise to the masculine depth and feminine radiance, awakening the flow of kundalini, the sacred serpent, the energy of divinity.


      Gaia Healing transcends physical boundaries and it's available

             both in person and over the phone/skype

            (15-30 mins)


Experience on its own or include to enhance any other healing session!








Gaia Healing
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