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More on Marma therapy
In ancient Vedic times, marma points were called bindu - a dot. Secret dot, or mystic point.
Like a door or pathway, activating a marma point opens into the inner pharmacy of the body. The body is silent, universal, biochemical laboratory - operating every moment to interpret and transform arising events. Touching a marma point changes the body's biochemistry and can unfolr
radical, alchemical change in one's makeup. Stimulation of these inner pharmacy pathways signals the body to produce exactly wheat it needs, including hormones and neurochemicals that heal the body, mind and consciousness. This deep dimension of marma therapy has the potential to unfold spiritual healing.
Marma points are an important elements of Ayurveda's healing power. Developed in India centuries ago, these energy points profoundly affect the body, mind and spirit and facilitate deepest levels of healing. Prana is the current of energy that infuses every cell within the body. Stimulating marmani (energy points) directly tamp into the reservoir of energy and promotes health.
Marma Therapy integrates vital knowledge of energy points with specific techniques of Ayurvedic massage, detoxification, acupressure, aromatherapy, yoga practices, meditation and more.
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