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Foot Bliss

Your feet are literally the doorways of earth energy flowing to your body, containing many precious acupressure/marma points that are directly linked to your subtle body (energy body that feeds the physical and emotional body - this subtle body is directly responsible to your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing) and  gross physical body. Your body's physical organs, endocrine glands and systems can be reached this way, Recipients report delicious sensations reaching into far corners of the body feeling of "being massaged inside out ".

Clients have reported many of their physical ailments being resolved just solely through their feet being massaged.


*Feet are where shakti energy (creative, sexual force) - the very essence of a woman flows in from the abundant wellspring of Mother Earth, that's why a quality foot massage helps to relax any tension, re-open the innate flow of orgasmic energy in her body, restoring her energetic vibrance and radiant youthful glow, even inspire an imflux of creativity.


Now imagine having your whole body massaged to yummy bliss just through your feet: Yes, it certainly feels that way! Let's take your feet off the ground for a bit to tune up your energy, vitality, aliveness and sensual yumminess...


                            1 hour/90 mins or a 30 min session add on




















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