Ayurvedic specialty treatments

Warm oil treatment over the Nabhi marma (abdomen area) to help with digestive issues, emotional third chakra issues (anger, personal power, healthy boundaries) and any 'tummy trouble'.

Also aids in nourisment and balancing of the female reproductive system and promoting fertility, healthy moon cycle, aiding in smooth female cycles and life transitions (moon bleeding, childbirth, inmoon). Given after a full body massage and stimulation of related marma points.


Give your hard working back some pampering. Warm oil treatment over the lower back area to alleviate any back issues, nourish the second chakra, nourishing and healing the female reproductive system, promoting fertility and balance, promoting a smooth flow of sexual energy. Adjacent to either a full body massage or a massage of back of the body (can be paired with Udar basti at the frontal part of the body, with stimulating related marma points.


Soothing spa for the sore eyes...Warm sesame oil eye bath to relax nourish the optic muscle, helping to alleviate dry eyes, redness, eyestrain, headaches, eye sensitivities and sharpen vision and depth perception. Beautiful treatment promoting happy eyes, healthy vision and prevent eyesight deterioration. Very soothing and relaxing for the mind too. Can be given on its own or combined with a full body/front body massage or a foot and hand massage where vision marma related points are located.

One eye at a time is being treated.


A soothing warm oil treatment for the top of the head in conjunction with head, neck & shoulder massage and marma treatment. To calm the mind, relieve stress, tension headaches, nourishing inner peace and stillness, mind clarity and concentration, promoting restful sleep, aiding of meditative state and an expansion of concsiousness. Can be combined with Gaia Healing. After the upright sitting portion there is a lying down rest period with a delicious grounding foot massage & marma therapy.


hrid basti

Have your heart sing with this delicious, warm oil treatment over the heart/chest area, like loving mama's embrace, supporting health and happiness of the heart and lungs, providing deep nourishment to the heart chakra, facilitating emotional healing and return to our love essence. Complemented with massage of related marma points.