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Flow all your stress away in this ultimate in deep relaxation/mediation. Lay down, a gentle stream of warm liquid (oil, water, coconut water, herbal infusion) is flowing down your forehead, and you falling into a deep relaxed state, discovering spaces and worlds beyond the body, beyond the physical realm. You may find comfort in soothing darkness, or you delight into a space filled with light. You may drift away into the beauteous astral world, or into peaceful realms beyond description.  At times, there's just deep, deep no-thing  space of utter stillness, other times swirls of ecstatic energy fill your being. Every experience is unique, while deeper healing at all levels of your being take place. Science tells us that one hour of yoga nidra (a deep relaxed theta-threshold state where the body rests and the mind is awake in stillness ) equals four hours of normal sleep in terms of rejuvenation.


Find out more about numerous shirodhara health benefits

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