ITantric Shiatsu is an unique clothes-on bodywork consisting from holding, cradling, rocking and pressing on acupresure 'bliss points', creating energetic waves in a body through which deep tension and emotional patterning is being released, bringing one not just into a blissful, relaxed state, but literally re-programing you into living in a state of greater aliveness and connection with the source. 


The continuous extended body contact and dance of energies facilitates a deeply intimate experience in many ways related to the pure, innocent state of lovemaking -  a merging of two souls (non-gender specific), or being a baby cradled in the arms of a (divine) mother, evoking newborn or pre-born memories even traveling deeper into the state of a pure love inside a (cosmic) womb. The emphasis on passive receptivity promotes one's ability to open, to feel fully and to receive into one's being on a larger scale.


1 hour


Due to physical limitations I'm unable to work with those large in weight or height






Tantric Shiatsu