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Oh, come ye weary traveller
Rest in the garden of Thy soul
Renew in the light of Thy spirit
Find nurturance in the haven of Thy heart
Enchanted by Her intoxicating fragrance
Drink from the holy grail
The sacred nectar of immortality
Tasting the eternal awe of Thy being
From Her womb you have emerged
And to Her womb you shall return
Your life is a gracious gift of She
Her love unbounded and unconditional
She dwells within and without
In the infinite walls of your heart
Oh, come ye weary traveller,
Step over the threshold
And let the magic of your being flow...
             - Now....
Welcome to Sacred Nectar...
A site for sacred healing, sacred loving, sacred awakening through the ancient art and wisdom of Tantra.
May you discover the hidden treasures of your being, open to the profound fullness of life and rejoice with every moment spent on Earth.
Let the gifts of She begin to flow, awakening you to bliss, joy, ecstasy, deep love and intimacy....awakening you to being the most magnificent YOU!
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