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Who am I?

I am a ray of sunshine

in a droplet of the morning dew

I am a rainbow

the evening sky

in all shades of pink and blue

I am a speck of light

I am many specks of light

I am a white bird on his heavenly flight

I am a dream

I am a dreamer

The great creator of my world

I am the great void

Which all goes back into

A matrix

from which all unfolds

I am the breath

I am a wave

The eternal pulsation of the universe

I am the Goddess dancing in the ecstasy

the passionate dance of creation

I am the marriage of Shakti and Shiva

In the etheric Temple

of the Heart                                                    

I am a speck of light

I am many, MANY specks of light

I am the sound of Om

Consciousness turning into matter

I am pure LOVE


I am sex energy transformed

An infinite ocean of bliss

I am eternity

I am Divinity

I am nothing

I am everything

I am.....You



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