Amavasaya & Eclipse Ritual
Wednesday, June 9

Amavasya (New Moon) coupled with Solar Eclipse, a sure sign of the intense energies that are in play not only on the global, but also galactic level.

We can view this eclipse in a positive terms as She (represented by Luna) casting a shadow on the distorted, overheated masculine energy represented by the Sun. Her powerful Kali energy is here to stir things up and make more harmony (when the dust's settled).

While normally we'd talk about New Moon in terms of new beginnings, it is not particularly auspicious to begin anything new where there's an eclipse in play. This is the time when the time stands still, when the veil is thin. Perfect time for a spiritual practice, and, for the Tantrika, a perfect space for a ritual.


Coming ritual is devoted to this precious time, to make the most of this precious opening, to thrive on these powerful energies and harness the changes in the most positive way.

Time: 7pm PT

ZOOM link : clic on pic

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